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Channel Distribution System (CDS)

Our vacation rental software helps you simplify your operations. Elevate your property’s success by streamlining processes. 

  • Control pricing, availability and reservations
  • Distribute to any of the 150+ connected booking channels
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Faster, smarter, and risk-free.

Save time and resources

Become more efficient by centralizing property, reservations and channel management in 1 user-friendly software. 

No monthly fees

There are no monthly or fixed fees. You only pay a small fee for every successful booking


Prevent double- and overbookings

With our real-time synchronization you can be certain that a single booking or reservation is not made across multiple sales channels at the same time. Say goodbye to double- and overbookings.

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Smart features to help you become more efficient and make your daily life easier .

These are some of the features:

Property Management

Distribute to 100+ Channels


Statistics and Insightful Data


Multi Unit Management

vacation rental and hotel software features

Connect, Sync and Manage your Holiday Homes

Always Synced

Your holiday homes will always be synced in real time with our state-of-the-art channel manager technology.  Whenever you make any edits or updates on your content, it will be synced to all the connected channels in real-time. You are always in control of your content. And with just a click on the button you edit and distribute to all connected channels.

Edit and set prices and availability for all your vacation rentals and get a clear overview in the calendar feature.
synchronize properties

The holiday home software (CDS) is available in the following languages:

All you need, in 1 place with CDS: a Vacation Property and Channel Management Software

  • Add Content: top amenities, property layouts, images, default policy, house rules and settings.
  • Statistics: You will have a clear overview of the most important statistics in the CDS Management Homepage. 
  • Create new properties.
  • Fully manage content, such as: General information, Amenities, Descriptions, Fees & Taxes, Images, Distances, Subrooms, Channel management
  • Manage calendars: pricing, availability, restrictions, policy enablement.

vacation rental property management software

Reservations can be fully managed with the vacation rental software CDS. This includes:

  • Receiving channel reservations, cancellations and modifications.
  • Manual PM cancellations and modificiations. 
  • Reservations overview with reservations details and CSV report. 
  • Automated Guest Confirmation Email, with the booking confirmation and invoice.

reservations overview

Simplify the channel management of your holiday homes by distributing to all of the booking channels that you have enabled. With the holiday home management software (CDS) you can choose between 100+ online marketplaces, including all the major booking channels such as, Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia and numerous niche channels in Asia, the US, Europe and the rest of the world.

Enabling channels in the rental software (CDS) is simple and straight-forward. You can enable channels on both a PM and Property level. 

distribution rentals software

Sync in real time to any of the 100+ channels!

Signing up for the CDS is simple and fast. 

The property manager is created automatically in the vacation rental software CDS after registration. 

There are several property manager tools available, such as: PM cancellation / prepayment policies, PM default property policies and Booking Notifications. And many more to come!

property management

Unlock your revenue potential today - Get Started with the CDS:

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Unlock the CDS’s full potential once you’ve created an account. Discover our extensive knowledge base to learn more about our product. It includes FAQs, educational articles, and demonstration videos.

Step 3
Enhance Your Success

After your free trial you can continue to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and achieve unprecedented growth.

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“NextPax has a lot of technical expertise, and they offer an incredible professional integration with multiple channels. Their entire team has a lot of knowledge and is always available to support us. We have been working successfully with NextPax for more than 10 years and I can recommend NextPax to others.”

John Adams
Head of 3rd party partnerships Europe, Novasol

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FAQ - About the Vacation Rental Software (CDS)

Yes, you can connect to Airbnb, and VRBO with the NextPax CDS- vacation rental software.

Besides these booking channels, you can connect to  many more NextPax channel partners, including all the major and global ones and numerous niche channels.

Vrbo, or Airbnb management becomes much easier with the CDS vacation rental software.

The CDS (Channel Distribution System) is specifically designed to help manage listings across multiple booking platforms, but it also includes certain rental management system features, such as reservations and property management. Moreover, it includes features such as managing calendars, multi-unit management, statistics and data and many more exciting new features to help you manage your vacation rentals more efficiently to come. 

The pricing model is based on a pay per booking model, meaning you only pay a percentage per successful booking. There are no monthly fees or set-up and other fixed costs. Would you like to know more about our pricing model? Please contact one of our NextPax customer success managers. 

The CDS, vacation rental software, is primarily for vacation rental property owners and managers who want to list their properties on multiple online booking platforms, such as Airbnb,,, Hopper and VRBO. It allows them to synchronize their inventory and pricing across all platforms, manage reservations and avoid overbooking or double-booking, and also provide analytics and reporting features to help optimize pricing and occupancy. It can be used for any property type such as apartments, condos, villas, youth hostels, cottages, and more. Additionally, property managers of multiple properties or large property management companies can also benefit from using the vacation rental and hotel software to manage their portfolio of properties.

Registration is very simple. Get started by filling in the form. A NextPax customer success manager will then contact you within max. 24-48 hours that will help you set up your account. You can then start using the vacation rental software CDS.  That’s all!

You can connect with all the channels we have a partnership with (+ 150) including Airbnb and Vrbo. You can find a full overview here. 

You need to make a commercial agreement with each new channel you would like to connect with, we can of course assist you with this. 

For the channels that you are already using, you can simply enable them in the software. 

The client payments will be collected by either yourself or by the channel. 

Within the finance tab in settings, you can add your invoicing details to determine where you would like to receive your invoices from NextPax.