CDS - Channel Distribution System

List your vacation rental or hotel on 100+ booking channels with the Channel Distribution System.

A brand new NextPax channel manager product which allows you to distribute content instantly to any connected channel.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and files…with our user-friendly CDS!

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The Channel Distribution System is the right fit for you:

The NextPax Channel Distribution System is most suitable for whoever wants to efficiently manage a hotel, a single or a small amount of vacation rentals. It enables you to list your accommodation(s) on a wide range of premium marketplaces, update in real time and synchronize content, rates, prices, and availability. Using this option, you don’t need any IT skills, as we will set up the integration from our side and guide you through the whole process.

Quick Registration

Register and become a user of NextPax CDS in less than 10min

Property Management

Manage all your properties in one system.


Change and set prices and availability of your properties.


Get instant updates of reservation and guest lists arriving.

Always in control

You are in control of your content with the option of changing everything.

Insightful data

Get insightful stats about your property, performance and profit.

Learn more about Reports, Data and Stats

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Why use the Channel Distribution System?

Set up any type of accommodation, such as apartments, vacation rentals, hotel or bed and breakfasts in minutes via our CDS portal and quick registration. With the CDS it is very easy to update content, rates, amenities, pictures and more. Your accommodation will get connected to all major OTAs with a click of a button. Which means you can immediately distribute to any of the 100+ global and niche premium booking-channels available at NextPax. Everything you need under 1 roof. Also, we always provide you with priority and personal support and innovation.

Channel Management Software to save time and resources


  • Set up properties in a few minutes
  • Easy to update content
  • Tailored to all major OTA’s
  • Register once, distribute to any 100+ channels instantly
  • Everything under 1 roof
  • Constant support and innovation for your needs

OTA Extranets

  • Different logins for each OTA
  • Changes need to made in each separate extranet
  • Not possible to see comparison data
  • Complex calendars
  • In case of issues you need to contact each OTA

How it works

  • Connected 100+ premium channels

    Our CDS is directly connected to all NextPax channels.

  • Scalable and relevant Global

    Our CDS-solution is suitable for all kinds of vacation rentals and hotels all over the world.

  • Easy to use

    User-friendly and advanced interface for a stunning experience.

  • Efficient

    Spend less time and resources managing your inventory - in one platform.

  • Instant Channel Connectivity Updates

    Any updates we make with our partners on the Demand Travel Network are immediately incorporated.

  • Well Documented, Fast Support and Frequent Innovations

    We focus our resources on the Supply API, therefore fast support and frequent innovations are an extremely important aspect. Full documentation is always provided. The API is based on REST/Json technology and we have Swagger Files available to make development easier and faster

cds channel manager

1. Register your details

Whether you are a property owner or company – it makes no difference. Registration is done quickly so you can start right away. 

cds nextpax channel manager
channel manager laptop

2. Set up your property

You will be able to build your property in the CDS platform via a guided registration or directly in the dashboard.

3. Manage your calendar

Here you can set and change pricing and availability for properties.

channel management software
Bed and breakfast channel manager

4. Content control

You are always in control of your content with the option of changing anything.

5. Reservation Management

View, modify and cancel your reservations at any time.

reservations channel manager
bed and breakfast channel manager

6. Information and Stats

Connect, update in real time and synchronize
all your accommodations instantly.

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Properties using NextPax Channel Manager

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President at EMEA Hotelplanner

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