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A Property Management System (PMS) is a powerful system that helps you manage multiple aspects of your property. Manage your accommodations from your own system or one of the many connected PMS (property management systems).

With our connected Property Management Systems you can instantly benefit from a fast and secure integration.

newbook channel manager


Newbook is a property management system (PMS) tailored to hotels, holiday parks, motels, hostels, short-term rentals, marinas and more.

Prophet Booking System

Prophet Booking System, a booking and caravan management system, provides a reservation software and full computer system for UK vacation parks.



Jetstream is a world-first technology and services solution for owners and managers of short-term rental properties.

recranet channel manager


Recranet Booking is a next generation reservation system with realtime website connection and payment solutions.

bookingstudio channel manager

Booking Studio

Booking Studio is a web-based booking system for vacation rentals.

LiveRez Channel Manager


LiveRez offers cloud-based software for professional vacation rental managers.

Mews pms


Mews offers innovative hospitality solutions to a wide portfolio of hotels in Europe.

your rentals


Your.Rentals is provider of simple vacation rental software for property managers.


Track HS

Track HS is an integrated software and solutions provider for the hospitality industry.


Reflex Online offers a wide array of solutions for professional property managers in Western Europe.

Realtime rental pms


RealTimeRental provides a software management platform for property owners and managers.

Oracle Hospitality

Opera by Oracle

Opera by Oracle is a PMS platform on the Oracle Cloud, globally used by hospitality operators.


The provider of IT services for the hospitality and accommodation rental sector.



An web-based platform for managing vacation rentals, inns, boutique hotels and B&Bs

Janiis logo


JANIIS provides a SaaS platform offering vacation rental software to short-term property managers.

itrip vacations channel manager

iTrip Vacations

iTrip Vacations provides a solution for property managers to take care of the entire rental process.



Hostfully offers vacation rental management software to a global portfolio of short-term managers


Feriepartner is a Danish software platform for rental agencies boasting 6,000+ vacation rentals.

estatefy logo pms


Estatefy offers all-in-one solutions for property managers, real estate brokers and owners.



Escapia by HomeAway Software offers vacation rental solutions for property managers.



CiiRUS provides users with a cloud-based reservation and guest management solution.

CAT Tibos

CAT Tibos is a provider of property management tools for the hospitality industry.

Bookzo pms


Bookzo provides reservation software suitable for holiday parks, campsites, and hotels.

BookLogic PMS


BookLogic is a hotel & accommodation technology and software company.

bookingmanager pms

Booking Manager

ookingManager offers all tools for property managers and owners of 600+ holiday rentals in Europe.

Booker tools pms

Booker Tools

Vacation Rental Software made for professionals. The foundation of growth and success.

property management system

This is how the integration between Property Management Systems and the Channel Manager works.

When connected to the channel manager, the PMS sends Availability (and usually Rate) information to the channel manager. Consequently, the channel manager sends the inventory updates to all your connected channels.

Learn more about how the integration between property management systems and a channel manager works.

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two way direction channel manager

About Property Management Systems - FAQ

What is a property management system? What is a property management system?

A property management system (PMS) is a software tool that helps property managers oversee and manage a rental property or properties. It can be used to track and handle tasks related to reservations, guest check-ins and check-outs, housekeeping, maintenance, billing and invoicing, and more.

What are the main features of a property management system? What are the main features of a property management system?

Some common features of a property management system include:

  • Reservation and booking management: Allows property managers to take and track reservations, set rates and availability, and handle online bookings.
  • Guest and room management: Helps property managers keep track of guests, assign rooms, and manage room status (such as clean or dirty).
  • Housekeeping and maintenance management: Allows property managers to schedule and track housekeeping and maintenance tasks, as well as keep track of inventory and supplies.
  • Billing and invoicing: Enables property managers to generate and send invoices, track payments, and manage revenue.
  • Reporting and analytics: Provides property managers with data and insights about occupancy, revenue, expenses, and more.

What types of businesses use property management systems? What types of businesses use property management systems?

Property management systems are commonly used by hotels, vacation rental companies, student housing providers, and other businesses that manage rental properties. These systems can be used to manage a single property or a large portfolio of properties.

How does a property management system benefit businesses? How does a property management system benefit businesses?

A property management system can help businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency. It can handle a wide range of tasks automatically, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. The system can also help businesses keep track of their reservations, payments, and maintenance requests, providing a clear overview of their properties and helping them make informed decisions. In addition, a property management system can help businesses market their properties and increase their revenue by providing tools to optimize rates and availability.

How does a channel manager work with a property management system? How does a channel manager work with a property management system?

A property management system (PMS) and a channel manager can be integrated to streamline the management of reservations and availability for a rental property. When a property management system is integrated with a channel manager, the PMS serves as the central system for managing reservations and availability. The PMS sends availability and rate information to the channel manager, which then updates the information on all connected OTAs and other distribution channels.

What are the benefits of integrating a property management system with a channel manager? What are the benefits of integrating a property management system with a channel manager?

Integrating a property management system with a channel manager can provide several benefits to businesses, including:

  • Increased efficiency: By managing all reservations and availability from a single platform, businesses can save time and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Improved accuracy: The integration ensures that availability and rates are consistent across all channels, reducing the risk of overbooking or pricing errors.
  • Increased revenue: By optimizing rates and availability across all channels, businesses can increase their revenue and attract more bookings.
  • Better control: The integration gives businesses greater control over their reservations and availability, allowing them to make informed decisions about their pricing and marketing strategies.