Distribution and Bookings API

Expand your Inventory! Your gateway to add over a million properties onto your website, application or booking tool. With the Distribution API you will have full access to our growing inventory of accommodations.

What is the Distribution API?

Our product, the Distribution API, is tailor-made for sales channels and distribution partners seeking to expand their inventory for sale on their websites.

Once the connection is established, you will have access to the complete supply of NextPax, enabling you to maximize the potential of your traffic by offering a wide range of inventory. You have full control over which inventory to implement, specific regions to focus on, and the ability to accommodate special periods with increased supply. Once the commercial agreement with the property manager(s) is finalized, it’s simply a matter of opening up the inventory for sale. The distribution API serves as the ideal solution to ensure you have the appropriate inventory to meet your traffic demands and the flexibility to rapidly scale your company when the demand arises.

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Accommodation Partner Overview

We have endpoints that provide you all the information on the accommodation partners that work with us. For instance, how many accommodations they have and what their rental terms are. Find out all the details we can provide you about our accommodation partners in the Developer Portal.

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Accommodation changes

Accommodation partnerships often change their accommodation content, prices and/or availability. With our endpoint you will be able to stay on top, avoid content mismatches and prevent wrong pricing on your sales channels, while also reducing the risk of over-bookings to 0.

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Manage your Bookings, Cancellations and Modifications

Our Bookings API supports the ability for you to make instant bookings over our API towards the accommodation partnerships. You will also be able to service these reservations with our cancellation and modification API’s.

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They keep us sharp and innovative, challenging us to get the most out of our relationship both technically and commercially. Their exceptional service and partnership has let them to be one of few top tier premier connectivity partners.”

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