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Supply API

The NextPax Supply API is the all-in-one channel manager solution that allows you to synchronize your account information, content, pricing and availability, manage reservations and payments, and apply automated channel management.
Connect your application and distribute a large number of accommodations with our Distribution Network.
With the Supply API you can connect with over 150+ distribution channels globally.

Connect, Distribute & Thrive!

Efficient Connectivity: Connect all the essential information for over 150+ Distribution channels, streamlining your operations and automating distribution effortlessly.

Developer-Friendly Integration: Explore our Developer’s Portal to seamlessly connect your business to a vast network of booking channels, expanding your global reach.

With the Supply API you can provide detailed information about accommodations, including contact details, location specifics, images, and room-level details. Ensure accuracy with detailed descriptions and account-specific information for the distribution channels you want to connect with. 

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Rates & Availability Endpoints

We have three endpoints, which can be used to inform us about the availability of each accommodation or room from your clients. Also, we can receive rates per length of stay or work with daily pricing. As a result, this gives you the flexibility to provide the best choice to each accommodation partner. Moreover, we accept long-stay rates and you can send us availability for two years ahead. All these options ensure you get the best price at the right moment.

Smart features to increase your productivity and simplify daily tasks.

Some of the Supply API features:
Channel Management
Multi-Unit Management
LOS Pricing
Rate Plan Sync

Connect, update in real time and synchronize all your accommodations instantly.

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Ruud van Buggenum

Connectivity Partner Business Manager, Booking.com

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Bas Lemmens

President EMEA, Hotelplanner

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John Adams

Head of 3rd party partnerships Europe, Novasol