Supply API - Channel Management

The NextPax Supply API is the all-in-one channel manager solution that allows you to synchronize your account information, content, pricing and availability, manage reservations and payments, and apply automated channel management.

Connect your application and distribute a large number of accommodations with our Distribution Travel Network. Consisting over 100+ accredited distribution channels.

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The Supply API is for you:

It is time to develop NextPax’s Supply API! With the Supply Api you can connect all the information you want. Distribute to 100+ premium booking channels. Furthermore, you can synchronize all bookings and payments automatically in your technology! Have your developers explore our Supply API documentation to understand how they can connect your business to the world.

Why integrating with the NextPax Supply API:

How it works

Content Management Endpoints

You will be able to provide us with all of the information regarding your accommodation partnerships and their accommodations. For instance: contact information, location details towards images, descriptions, nearest-places, amenities, fees and taxes. Even on a room-level – you can send us a detailed description. Such as,  the amount of beds in each room, and what the functionalities are of each bedroom/bathroom. On an account level you can drop information on each particular account, including their cancellation and prepayment policies.

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Rates & Availability Endpoints

We have three endpoints, which can be used to inform us about the availability of each accommodation or room from your clients. Also, we can receive rates per length of stay or work with daily pricing. As a result, this gives you the flexibility to provide the best choice to each accommodation partner. Moreover, we accept long-stay rates and you can send us availability for two years ahead. All these options ensure you get the best price at the right moment.

Reservation Management & Payments

As a Supply API partner you can retrieve reservations from our systems very easily, to manage this in your system. Also, modifications and cancellations are supported. Further, there are a variety of opportunities available to manage payments: either directly if your system is graded as PCI DSS compliant. Or you can work with one of our accredited payment providers.

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Automated Channel Management Endpoints

The channel management endpoint within the Supply API enables your accommodation partners to do automated distribution and channel management from your technology.  In other words, they can decide with what distribution channels they’d like to work with, which accommodations should be enabled, and where. You can also retrieve all available channels from our system so you can represent them as available channels in your system.

Connect, update in real time and synchronize
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