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  • Connect your accommodations to 100+ booking-channels, OTA’s, meta-search engines and more
  • All the integrations you need.
  • Personalized solutions to manage any type and amount of accommodation

Increase revenue easier, quicker, and more secure.

Channel Manager

How the Channel Manager Works

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Easier, Faster and more Secure

Connect your vacation rentals, hotels and/or or vacation parks to over a 100 booking-channels around the world. And start generating more bookings by improving your properties’ visibility and reach.

Manage your short-term rentals on all the connected channels from just one account with the NextPax Channel Manager! As a result, any change in content, rates, and availability will be updated immediately through our advanced API and Cloud-based platforms. This will save you time, effort and decreases the risk of over-bookings. 

Start running your market budget more efficiently with the NextPax Full-Service Channel Manager. 

Save time by updating your availability, images and rate from one central place.

Content Guest Communication is easy and automated by one-click, ready to send email templates.

Flexible rate-plans and easy to incorporate custom costs in every guest’s booking, depending on the services required.

Cloud based, mobile first, user-friendly and one-click interface, helping you complete major processes quickly.

Our trained consultants will assist you in selecting the most profitable booking channels and OTA partners.

With our platform you have an ensured reach to more people and more channels across the globe.

Flexible and multiple payment methods available, to charge your guests the way you want to.

Book guests through your own website, thereby avoiding the risk of overbooking and bad customer experience.

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Distribute to 100+ Premium Channels

NextPax Channel Management software allows you to connect and list your offerings on more than a 100 global- and local channels, which include OTA’s, metasearch engines and booking tools, such as: Google,, Airbnb, Vrbo, Agoda, Ctrip and many more.

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Rates, Policy & Availability Management

With our channel manager any updates and changes in rates, policy and availability will be directly synchronized across all connected distribution channels. 

  • Set up pricing for any length of stay and group size
  • Implement yield management options
  • Instantly update price and availability at any time, for any type of accommodation or room
channel management software

Synchronize your Content

Our channel management software enables you to synchronize content across all connected channels. The content manager ensures every channel is using the same content, such as: pictures, descriptions and amenities. These are validated by you and according to channel requirements. Which means that you can edit content across all channels simultaneously. 

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sync availability

Synchronize Availability

Our state-of-the-art API connectivity enables instant synchronization of your calendars. Hereby, ensuring that availability will always be up-to-date for your vacation rental, hotel, apartments and/or rooms you have listed on the connected distribution channels. Avoid overbookings and start spending less time and effort by automating more with our channel management software. 

All the integrations you need

We offer all the integrations you need to efficiently manage your accommodations with the NextPax Channel Manager. We use artificial intelligence to always provide  you with the most up-to-date and advanced solutions. What’s more, all our solutions are API- and Cloud-based! 

Additional Integrations

In addition, you can connect the channel manager to property management systems, payment providers and include centralized messaging. Read more about each of these additional integrations. 

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Over 2 million properties are already using the Channel Manager

With your Full-Service Channel Manager you always benefit from the following:

channel manager pricing
No monthly fees

Channel Manager Pricing - Pay per Booking model

Our fair pricing model means we only charge you on a per-booking basis, without any implementation or fixed monthly fees. With this financial model you will have more flexibility so that you can start unlocking your growth potential with our channel manager, without any risks.

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Excellent Support

Our international team is always ready to help you.
With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, we are available 24/7. Because, as your full-service channel manager, providing priority- and personal support is our main focus.

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Advanced travel technology

State-of-the-art Channel Manager Technology

The NextPax Channel Manager is API- and Cloud-based, hereby guaranteeing one of the most advanced channel management solutions. We always lead the edge of connectivity due to our quality development.

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personalized channel manager accommodations
For all types and amounts

Personalized channel management solutions

Our solutions are suitable for all types and amounts of accommodations and distribution channels. Thus, whether you manage a vacation rental, hotel, bed and breakfast, vacation park or resort, we always ensure that the channel manager fits your needs.

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The Channel Manager Enables Instant Real-Time Connection to Major Booking Channels

Content Management

Listing and distributing content of your holiday home or hotel becomes easier than ever with the Full-Service Channel Manager. Updated content such as, amenities, pictures and descriptions will be immediately synchronized across all the connected distribution channels of your choice, which include major booking channels such as, VRBO, Airbnb and many more.

Synchronized Reservation Management

NextPax’ advanced API infrastructure ensures a smooth integration between your system and the NextPax Channel Manager. Establishing seamless synchronized reservation management, including bookings, cancellations, modifications and no-shows. Reduce the risk of unintentional overbookings!

Rate Plan Synchronization

We support the possibility to synchronize all rate plans, whether they are hotel specific or chain-wide.

+ 100 Premium Channels

List your accommodation on more than 100+ premium distribution channels to increase the visibility of your accommodations.

Manage and synchronize content, rates and availability.

About Channel Manager Software

A channel manager allows for efficient channel management. Channel management is the management of your listings on different Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), booking channels, and other websites where you can list and advertise your short-term rental accommodations. This can be done manually, but is a very time-consuming process. Or it can be automated via a channel manager. 

A channel manager is a software that manages the online distribution of short term rentals to online travel agencies (OTA’s), metasearch engines, and other types of booking channels. 

Through API’s it enables direct synchronization, either from your PMS or own API or directly, of content, pictures, rates & availability and more across all connected channels. It is therefore a very efficient tool to increase the reach and visibility of properties. Moreover, since it allows you to distribute and sync content, reservations and rates and availability you will save time and gain more control. So a channel manager is a very cost-effective way to manage your hotels, vacation rentals, hostels or resorts across all the booking channels.

Whether you manage/own vacation rentals, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, vacation parks or a hotel chain, in order to get more bookings you will have to increase the visibility of your short term rentals. This can be done by listing on more booking channels, such as OTA’s, metasearch engines, online marketplaces and other. However, managing them on all these different channels manually can become quite a difficult task. For that reason, automating these processes with a channel manager is a very cost-efficient way to increase your bookings and optimize your short term rentals distribution strategy. And there are many more benefits.

  • More online bookings. First of all, it will help you increase the amount of online bookings. By providing you with the option to easily connect to multiple channels you will have more online bookings. 
  • Reduced manual work. By automating all processes, manual work will be drastically decreased, giving you more time and enabling you with a better distribution strategy. 
  • Increasing direct bookings. Besides the increase of bookings on the channels, the channel manager also helps in increasing direct bookings. This is due to the fact that when people notice your accommodations on a third party website they are more likely to check out your website as well and book directly from there.
  • Global and local reach. Many channel managers, including the NextPax full-service channel manager also offer connections to niche-channels. This allows you to target your accommodation more specifically. Moreover, you can easily list on all the major and global booking channels.
  • Avoid unwanted overbookings. When using a channel manager, all of your rooms or homes, including availability, will be synced across OTA’s. Consequently, you avoid overbookings caused by, for example, human mistakes.

In order to decide the best channel manager for your business you could ask yourself several of the questions mentioned here:

  • Is the channel manager offering full integration with the property management system (pms) you are using? 
  • Is the channel manager offering connections to the major channels or the channels you wish to list on?
  • Is the channel manager offering support? And if needed, is it offering support in your native language? 
  • Do they offer solutions tailored to your needs? For example, is it tailored to the needs for hotels and/or vacation rentals? 
  • Is the channel management tool PCI DSS compliant?
  • What is the pricing model they offer? Does it include a fixed fee per month or do they provide a more flexible pay per booking model?

This can vary depending on what the channel manager in question offers. For instance, NextPax offers integration with various PMS (Property Management Systems), CRS, bedbank or even your own developed system. Through the use of advanced API’s, it is possible to integrate with existing core systems and the connected channels. Also, it provides the ability to alter your property’s photographs, descriptions, room types, and associated content from a single central location.

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Personalized solutions

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