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supply api channel manager product update

New Release Supply API

admin September 21, 2022
Product update channel manager distribution

New Release Distribution API

admin September 14, 2022
Campaya channel manager news

Campaya Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

admin September 5, 2022
Booking com technical advisory board

Robert van der Mast, CTO of NextPax will be joining the Technical Advisory Board of

admin September 2, 2022
channel manager developer portal design

NextPax Channel Manager Software Update: New Design Developer’s Portal

admin August 19, 2022

Got2Go Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

admin July 12, 2022
tech and innovatie easy fm

About Tech & Innovation - Dutch Radio Program

admin June 22, 2022

New partnership between NextPax and

admin June 8, 2022
renthia nextpax news

Renthia Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

admin May 11, 2022
snowbird company channel news

NextPax Announces New Monthly Vacation Channel, Partnership with and The American Snowbird Network

admin March 29, 2022
likibu news vacation rental search engine

NextPax Travel Technology adds Likibu to their Distribution Network

admin March 17, 2022
hopper nextpax partnership

NextPax Travel Technology partners with Hopper

admin February 17, 2022
nextpax supply api

NEW: NextPax Supply API

admin December 7, 2021

Oracle Hospitality and NextPax Travel Technology Integration

admin December 3, 2021

MG Accelerates Growth in Alternative Accommodations with New NextPax Partnership

admin August 29, 2021

New channel: Homes & Villas by Marriott International live on NextPax platform

admin May 4, 2021

Yonder and NextPax Announce Distribution Partnership

admin April 28, 2021
plum guide news

Plum Guide and NextPax announce strategic distribution partnership

admin April 13, 2021
find rentals news

Find Rentals: A Direct Booking Channel

admin March 18, 2021
nextpax booking preferred partner news awards NextPax as top tier Premier Connectivity Partner

admin December 23, 2020

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