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Channel Manager Booking Form 

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NextPax has launched the new and improved Channel Manager Booking Form! Whether you have properties on Google, Meta search websites or other OTAs, using our NextPax Booking Form/ Booking Engine, you can now benefit from all these new features:

With our new NextPax Booking Form your property conversion rates will be improved and guests will browse your properties content with more interest.

New design for showcasing dynamic property content

The new design of the booking form has significantly improved the user experience. The Booking Form enables you to easily navigate to all sections of choice and provides a clear overview of all the property content. 

booking form properties

Enriched information for guests landing on the page

Guests landing on the page can also retrieve more information about the property, easier and faster. The different sections include a general overview where guests can read a summary of all the important property information. Also, you can jump quickly to other sections, such as Amenities, Reviews, Location and a FAQ-section. 

Within the amenities-section a clear overview of all the amenities are being displayed in a list with icons with the most popular ones being shown at the top, guaranteeing that guests will see these ones first. Within the section Guest reviews, visitors can read reviews from guests to convince them even more in their decision to book your short-term rental. The Location-section provides a clear and easy-to-use map to provide visitors an immediate impression of where it is located. The FAQ-section includes various frequently asked questions, such as “Are pets allowed?”, “Is this property wheelchair accessible?” and others to help visitors answer any question that might have. 

There is an option to display contact info, so if visitors have any other questions or would like more information they can directly contact the property owner/manager.  

Moreover, you can add many high-quality pictures to showcase your property the best way possible.

properties amenities

Full support for vacation rentals as well as traditional hotels, resorts, etc

The Booking Form can be used by all kinds of property managers and owners. NextPax provides full support for vacation rentals, traditional hotelsresorts and more accommodation types

Full support for mobile / tablet display

Using mobile phones to go online accounts for nearly 60% of the world’s web traffic, therefore at NextPax we understand the importance of optimizing pages for all devices. We ensure full support for the mobile friendliness of the Booking Form. Optimizations are there for both mobiles and tablets..

SEO friendly pages 

The Booking Form also ensures that all pages are SEO friendly. So that your pages are more likely to rank higher on search engines and will attract more visitors. 

Do you have any questions about the NextPax booking form or would you like to start distributing your rentals with the full-service channel manager? Then please click the button below to contact us.