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Google has been the first search engine, who built out their own travel search destination platform, called Google Travel. It consists of multiple sub-products like Google Flights, Explore, Things to Do, Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals. NextPax is one of the preferred channel managers to provide a connection either for Google Hotels or Google Vacation Rentals. Did you know that Google Travel is offering these products to accommodation partners for free?

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Google Vacation Rentals Channel Manager

Why should you choose the NextPax Channel Manager to run your accommodations on Google Hotels or Google Vacation Rentals?

Preferred Technology Partner

Google Travel has awarded us as Preferred Technology Partner for both the Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rental product. We have seamlessly integrated with all their API’s to ensure a state-of-the-art connection.

It’s about YOUR brand

Our first aim is to advertise your brand within Google’s product. We are capable of redirecting Google’s traveler, either directly to your own website, or to our Direct Booking Page which we customize with your branding. Aside from that, we are the only player that can work with sub-brands in Google’s products itself, making sure your name and your logo is out there.

Use your own Cancellation and Prepayment Policy

NextPax Travel Technology has the opportunity to provide your own cancellation and prepayment policy towards Google. This is a huge advantage in our Google connection, and a competitive advantage for them overall – as they allow accommodation partners to distribute under their own policies towards the Google Travel’s audience.

Diverse Pricing Solutions

Through NextPax you are able to set a diverse range of pricing solutions for Google. Also, we can let Google know which taxes or additional fees are payable on location of the property.


With Google Travel, you have the opportunity to provide reviews that you have sourced yourself – either from your own ""- website or offline. You can upload these reviews via us towards either Google Hotels or Google Vacation Rentals.

Onboarding Solution

Once your accommodations are loaded in our channel management system, we can distribute your data to Google Travel within minutes. After a check-procedure on Google’s end you will see your accommodations within 48 hours live on their products. Did you know that we already provide Google connectivity for more than 250.000 accommodations?

Characteristics of NextPax’s connection with Google

  • Preferred Technology Provide of Google Travel, with seamless integration for both Google Hotels & Google Vacation Rentals
  • Redirect Google travellers to your own website
  • Redirect Google travellers’ to your own branded NextPax Travel Technology booking page
  • Set up a sub-brand and provide your brand and icon into Google Travel’s product
  • Real-time connection for rates, availability and full content distribution including your guest reviews towards Google Travel’s products and services.
  • Share your additional cost and tax structures with Google Travel
  • Integration of your own cancellation and prepayment policies onto Google Travel.

Key Features of Google

Search Engine
Geographic focus
Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Holiday Parks, Resorts and alternative accommodations
Pricing Model
Google is offering it for free at the moment
Varied per country
Content Management
Full: Pictures, Amenities, Descriptions, Geographical Details, Property Details, Google Specific Details
Reservation Management
Redirect towards own website or Redirect towards NextPax booking page
Pricing & Availability
Length of Stay Pricing
Extra Features
Upload your own Reviews. Upload your own cancellation and prepayment policy
Onboarding time
Few days
Merchants of Records
Accommodation Owner
Payment Solutions to capture guest payments
Traveller Credit Cards, Payment Link

Why choose Google?

A complete travel vertical

Google is going to revolutionize the travel industry, by being the first search-engine to provide a complete travel vertical, including flights, hotels, vacation rentals and things-to-do.


Currently, Google is offering participation on either Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals for free. Take this opportunity to generate more direct bookings with the most popular search engine in the world.

Use your own technology

Advertise your own business and brand among your industry peers, to ensure your accommodation is booked via your own technology. So, rather than another booking-against a 15% to 20% commission from an intermediary.

Wide distribution

With Google’s extensive search capabilities and reach, your accommodation will be prominently displayed to travellers worldwide who are actively searching for their next booking


Yes! We can still upload your accommodations to either Google Hotels or Google Vacation Rentals and take it from there. We will then redirect the travellers onto a NextPax Booking Form, which you by the way can customize with your own logo and company details. From there it will become an API booking into your software.

We redirect to your page, so that the existing payment methods for your guests at your own website will apply. If you are working with our NextPax Booking Page, you either have the opportunity to ask for the traveller credit cards or send a payment link afterwards. Please note that in order to enable the traveller credit card functionality, you have to be PCI DSS compliant or work with one of our integrated payment providers.

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