Simplify your Airbnb experience with our new Host Account Creation service

June 20, 2024

We are pleased to announce that we can now create Airbnb host accounts for our partners! This new service aims to simplify the contracting and onboarding process and provide seamless support for both new and existing hosts. Whether you have a few properties or you are a large enterprise, requiring multiple host accounts to manage a large portfolio, our new offering ensures you get the best start on Airbnb.

Understanding Airbnb Host Accounts

Airbnb offers two types of host accounts: normal and professional. A professional account is designed for hosts with more than six accommodations, providing additional features to manage multiple properties efficiently. Our new service will help you set up either type of account based on your needs. For very large accommodation partners, managing a multitude of host accounts will be required,  as per host account around 2.000 accommodations can be loaded. Our software is unique in the sense that we then aggregate all operations and tasks again, in one account in NextPax, avoiding the hosts having to work and login all the time in each host account to manage their accommodations, reservations, messages, reviews and more. This is all being consumed by our integration and automation is ready to make your lives easier.

Step-by-Step Host Account Creation 

  1. Navigate to the Channel Settings for Airbnb in NextPax Core to manage your host account setup. Here you can do all related host account operations.

2. Select “+Add More Users” to add new host accounts. Here you can select to create a new host account, and alternatively if you already have one, you can add it too.

3. When you choose “Create new host account on Airbnb”, it will prompt you to the screen below where you can provide the necessary details of the accommodation partner, ensuring the owner or authorized person signs the agreement and completes the legal verification.

Once you have built your host accounts, you can build your accommodations via NextPax easily on Airbnb in just a few minutes. Then after completion of the host account verification steps on Airbnb, you’ll be able to go live and publish your accommodations on Airbnb!

By leveraging our host account creation service, you can efficiently manage your accommodations on Airbnb and ensure a seamless hosting experience. Embrace this opportunity to streamline your operations and maximize your reach on Airbnb!