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Renthia Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

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11 May, 2022

Today, NextPax announced a new partnership with Renthia, a long-stay booking platform offering property managers the opportunity to increase occupancy up to 100%. This new partnership with Renthia provides NextPax’ customers with a solution that helps in reducing the number of vacant units by providing them with verified long-term tenants. Likewise, Renthia’s customers can now fully benefit from seamless api connectivity to synchronize and distribute content, rates and availability with NextPax’ full-service channel manager. 

Lennart Kok, Director of Distribution Partnerships explains why Renthia is a valuable addition to the NextPax Distribution Network: “Following travel industry research data we have seen that there is a growing demand for longer stays, (37% of 7,500 respondents have mentioned their intention for longer stays). Therefore we had to widen our available options for our accommodation partners to select the right long-stay distribution partnerships. We are therefore very pleased to announce this partnership with Renthia, who are an expert on bringing long-stay travelers to our accommodation partners.”

Karzan Azizi, Chief Marketing Officer of Renthia sees great value in this partnership and the opportunity for its customers: 

“Renthia has become a comfortable option for Expatriates and professionals moving abroad. Having a niched target group of guests, has allowed us to identify their needs, and adapt to them over time. Long-term accommodation is a necessity when relocating. Our collaboration with the NextPax Distribution Network will allow us to increase our offerings whilst helping our partners increase their occupancy with verified long-term tenants for a minimum of 3 months.”

About NextPax

NextPax provides property owners, managers and agents advanced channel management solutions. The NextPax distribution network consists of more than 1 million accommodations and 100+ global premium distribution channels. Founded in 2006, NextPax is a global travel tech innovator recognized for delivering the most advanced, AI-functional solutions between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide. Learn more about the Full-Service Channel Manager and schedule a call with a NextPax advisor here

About Renthia

Renthia is a long-stay booking platform offering the opportunity to increase occupancy up to 100%. Renthia’s solution helps in reducing the number of vacant units by providing property managers and -owners with verified long-term tenants. The minimum stay of a Renthia guest is 3 months. Moreover, all monthly payments are also securely handled through the platform. Up to 95% of guests using Renthia are Expatriates or professionals relocating abroad for work. 

Learn more about all the advantages of listing your properties on Renthia with NextPax. 

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