New Release Supply API

September 21, 2022

Today, we are pleased to announce a new release for the Supply API.

Recently, NextPax introduced the Supply API, a channel manager solution that enables you to automate channel management, manage reservations and payments, and synchronize your account information, content, pricing, and availability. As continuous innovation on our products is key at NextPax, we are working hard to add new features and functionality to the Supply API. 

This new release comes with various exciting features and updates:

  • Existing channels id’s for existing properties
  • This new release comes with a brand new feature that allows you to provide us with existing channel ids for existing properties, these may be hotel ids, room ids for, or listing ids for Airbnb or simply property ids on other channels. This information is crucial both for us, at NextPax and even more so for our common Distribution Channels. Having the property ids before hand means that NextPax is able to quickly connect your existing properties on the channel and begin the content as well as rates and availability sync. This should make operations much faster and smoother.
  • Additional support for flat based taxes and percentage based fees.
  • Another cool new feature is the release of additional support for flat based taxes and percentage based fees. Regardless of your fees and taxes setup, NextPax is able to get everything right via the Supply API and make sure the channels receive this information correctly.
  • Changes to the cancellation policies for property managers
  • Further to this new features, we also made some much needed changes to the cancellation policies for property managers. It should be easier now to understand, manage and provide cancellation policies via the Supply API. Please make sure to have a look at the dedicated article on this in the Developer Portal.

For more information on these new features as well as many more improvements, please review our Developer Portal Release Notes.

If you are not using the Supply API yet and would like to start distributing your accommodations to 100+ channels, schedule a call with one of our customer success managers.


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