Monthly Rentals are on the rise

October 3, 2022

MonthlyRentalsbyOwner and the American Snowbird company would like to share with you a report on how to increase your occupancy in a competitive market through monthly rentals

As you probably already know, there have been quite some challenges for the vacation rental industry lately. But demand for travel has still grown substantially, and in particular monthly rentals are on the rise!

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Monthly Rentals report

Importance of Monthly Rentals

Longer stays are becoming more popular. 

According to AirDNA, demand for stays of two months or longer increased by +22.4% in 2021 compared to 2020. Over 2021, another 14.1% growth in demand is anticipated in 2022. Monthly leases are reliable and provide coverage during months of low occupancy. According to data from a Snowbird Fest poll, 81% of monthly renters stay for two months or more! 

But why would they select a month-long stay in your rental over a weekend? 

A new wave of monthly vacationers has emerged as a result of the recent pandemic. 

Some of the factors that cause this trend to monthly stays are:

  • The advancements in cell phone internet technology
  • The interest in more remote, scenic, and safe locations
  • The growing trend of traveling nurses
  • Military personnel, and other professions
  • The acceptance and increase of working remotely
  • The quality of work-related technology

And much more!

Download the report for free to learn about availability in popular vacation cities, such as Gulf Shores (AL), Kissimmee (FL), Lake Havasu (AZ), Myrtle Beach (SC). 

Using technology to save your occupancy

Everyone’s experience with travel has probably been improved by technology, from booking a trip to planning and comparing it to remaining connected while traveling (including 84% of Baby Boomers book their travel online).

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