Maximize Your Bookings: Unlock the Power of Expedia Group Package Deals for Exceptional Value and Increased Revenue

October 5, 2023

Are you looking for new ways to attract more travelers and increase your bookings? Expedia Group Package Deals are all-in-one booking options that combine at least two of the three major travel products: flights, lodging, and car rentals. By bundling these elements into a single transaction, travelers can enjoy a seamless booking experience while taking advantage of exclusive discounts.

Package deals attract valuable guests —the average Expedia Group package travelers: 

  • Are 3x more likely to come from international destinations
  • Take 40% more trips 
  • Pay a 29% higher daily rate and stay 33% longer 

Reach the world 

International travelers have a lot to plan when traveling— making it easy for them to book multiple elements of a trip at once is a great way to attract them. According to Expedia Group first-party data, international bookings accounted for half of all package bookings in 2022 —and 20% of those international bookings come from a mobile device.

Offer unbeatable value 

Packages are also one of the most appealing types of offers for travelers. In a recent Expedia Group Traveler Value Index report, 32% of travelers surveyed said they see a discount for booking a package (ex: a flight and hotel together) as the most appealing type of offer.

Simple and flexible setup

Setting up package rates on Expedia Group sites is straightforward and flexible. On Expedia Group Partner Central, you can set package rate plans or you can create package promotional offerings. Package rate plans and deals can be evergreen or targeted to specific markets, booking windows, lengths of stay, and date ranges. 

The best part? Expedia Group travelers will only see the total package price, so you can offer discounts without diluting your public or published rates.  

Get started setting Package rates on Expedia Partner Central today! 

If you don’t have access to Expedia Partner Central, please contact us for support.  

Source: Expedia Group internal data, 2022-2023