Groupia Platform Channel Manager

The Groupia platform has a range of specialist group travel websites for more than 80 destinations. Groupia focus on providing the best group travel solutions while doing all the hard work, leaving the group organisers free to enjoy the ride.

Why choose NextPax as a Channel Manager to run your accommodations on Groupia?

Diverse Pricing Solutions

Through NextPax you are able to set a diverse range of pricing solutions for Groupia. We operate on a Length of Stay model with Groupia, which enables you to set prices for any length of stay, any stay date and for each occupancy. Also, we can let Groupia know which taxes or additional fees are payable on location of the property.

Why choose Groupia?

The go-to-marketplace

Today Groupia already has about 18million+ offers from about 2.000+ partners. It has very quickly become the go-to-marketplace for listing and distributing your vacation rental accommodation.

support channel manager
support channel manager

Personalized solutions

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