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Got2Go: A Vacation Rental Booking Platform - created by hosts for hosts.

Got2Go is an online travel booking platform for people to discover, book, and list vacation rentals across the US – with a focus on beautiful design, dedicated customer service, and targeting new types of travel. 

A vacation rental booking platform created by hosts, for hosts.

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Key Features of Got2Go

Geographic focus
Vacation Rentals
Pricing Model
Commission based
Onboarding time
Few minutes
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The mission of Got2Go is to make the end to end travel booking experience more simple, accessible, and remarkable for users.

Target Markets

Aside from catering for all general travelers, Got2Go will also double down on targeting hypergrowth markets going forward, including:

Event based travel 

Targeting travelers who are going to local events and looking for places to stay – including sports games, concerts, conferences, festivals, and more 

Extended stays 

Targeting travelers who are looking to book stays for a month or more e.g. digital nomads 

Regional travel 

Targeting travelers who are looking to visit regional and unique destinations across the US 

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