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Reports, Data and Stats

Get user intuitive information and statistics directly in the CDS. It is very easy to generate reports, retrieve information and data and see all statistics related to your property(s).

Get insightful stats and data about:

  •  Your property
  •  Performance
  •  Profit

The stats and data are constantly updated to ensure you always have accurate data.

Visualise Performance, Optimize Profit

CDS reports stats

User-Friendly Revenue Dashboard

Within the CDS interface, seamlessly navigate to the revenue dashboard for a detailed overview of your property’s performance and profit. Gain insights into reservation details, revenue information, and guest movements.

Interactive Graphs for Quick Analysis

Visualize data through interactive graphs that offer immediate insights into your property’s performance. Choose to view data by day, week, or month, providing flexibility for tailored analysis.

Constant Updates and Innovations

Count on us for continuous improvements. Our commitment to providing frequent updates and innovations ensures that you stay ahead in the competitive vacation rental channel manager landscape.

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“Working closely with NextPax for almost ten years I can truly say they are an amazing partner.

They keep us sharp and innovative, challenging us to get the most out of our relationship both technically and commercially. Their exceptional service and partnership has let them to be one of few top tier premier connectivity partners.”

Ruud van Buggenum

Connectivity Partner Business Manager,