How to fill last-minute vacation rental openings?

Learn the insider tips and tricks for filling last-minute vacation rental openings. Join our expert-led webinar on “How to Fill Last Minute Vacation Rentals” and maximize your rental income.  You’ll also learn how to distribute to the online marketplace getawayGoGo with NextPax Channel Manager.

getawayGoGo is an online travel marketplace (OTM) for listing, finding and booking last-minute vacation rental travel deals and discounts.

last minute vacation rental deals

According to the US Travel Association, last-minute travel is when a reservation is booked less than 14 days before departure. The truth is that last-minute opportunities are commonplace almost everywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have them or not; what matters is what you do about them. What steps can you take today to either fill or reduce your last-minute openings?

What you'll learn:

Your Hosts

Lennart Kok – Director Distribution Partnerships, NextPax

  • Overseeing all global distribution relations for NextPax.
  • Over 10 year experience in Connectivity & Distribution
  • Joined NextPax in October 2019.
  • Employment history with Booking.com with Hilton Worldwide.

Brad den Dulk – Founder getawayGoGo

  • California real-estate broker
  • Vacation rental property owner
  • 10 year technology company owner.
  • 12 year VR property management owner.

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