Update Release Channel Manager Supply API

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A new update has been released for the NextPax Channel Manager Supply API, which includes new features, safety measures and some other important changes. NextPax is continuously working to bring new features and functionalities to the Supply API.

If you are not using the Supply API yet and would like to start distributing your accommodations to 100+ channels, schedule a call with one of our customer success managers.

Set up multiple rateplans for your inventory

Our new update comes with a brand new feature that allows you to set up multiple rateplans for your inventory. This information is crucial both for us, at NextPax and even more so for our common Distribution Channels. Multiple rateplans means more choice for customers as it allows different pricing and different cancellation policies. More choice for customers also means more bookings.

Rate Limits

We have also added some safety measures in our API in the form of Rate Limits, please take note that you should not exceed 100 requests per second across all endpoints. Also a limit exists on the authentication endpoint and here we accept up to 5 requests per second.

Content Validations

Further to these new features, we also made some much needed changes to content validations in various places as well as some improvements and fixes.

Please make sure to have a look at the dedicated article for release notes in the Developer Portal.

For more information on these new features as well as many more improvements, please review our Developer Portal Release Notes.

About the Supply API

You can now handle reservations and payments, automate channel management, and synchronize your account information, content, price, and availability thanks to NextPax’s recently released Supply API.