Supply API Product Updates: Property Policies and more

March 24, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.3 of our channel manager solution, the Supply API, featuring improvements to our Supply and PCI endpoints, such as property policies being available now on property level as well. These changes will not affect the way you currently use our Supply API, because they are designed to work with your existing setup.

Supply Endpoints:

  • Check-in times have been updated to allow for extended times
  • Validation for amenity attributes has been improved
  • Property policies are now extended and available on the property level
  • Validation for property descriptions has been improved

PCI Endpoints:

  • Flat based taxes are now supported in booking requests
  • Guest remarks are now supported in booking requests

1. Check-in times have been updated to allow for extended times. Firstly, the check-in times’ fields (checkInUntil and checkInFrom) have had their validation improved to allow extended times. This change will enable check-in times as late as 02:00 (2 AM), for example.

2. Secondly, the validation for amenity attributes has also been improved. The API now checks that the amenity attribute type matches the type of value provided in the partner request. For example, an amenity that determines the number of bedrooms will take a number as a value. A string would make the request invalid.

3. Thirdly, Property Policies (Internet, Pets, Parking, Children, etc.) are now extended and available on property level. Initially, partners were only able to define various policies (internet, pets, parking, etc.) on a company or property manager level. Now, this functionality has been extended to the property level, meaning that different properties can have different policies.

4. Lastly, the API improved the validation for property descriptions. It now checks and removes any HTML text present in the property descriptions to remove any errors that distribution channels might experience due to malformed text or HTML code.

5. Firstly, we have added support for flat based taxes in booking requests for offline bookings. This means that our partners can easily include flat taxes in their booking requests, without having to calculate percentages. A simple addition that can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.

6. Secondly, we have added support for guest remarks in the booking requests. This allows our partners to have a better understanding of their guests’ needs and preferences, and to provide a more personalized experience. An example of the new field is “remarks”: “I am arriving at 8PM and need parking.”, which can be very helpful in ensuring a smooth check-in process.

These updates provide partners with greater flexibility and enhanced features for managing their properties and bookings. To learn more about these updates and how they can benefit your business, visit our developer portal.