Robert van der Mast, CTO of NextPax will be joining the Technical Advisory Board of

September 2, 2022

Robert van der Mast, CTO of NextPax Travel Technology, will be joining the Technical Advisory Board of As informed this week by regarding the changing of the Connectivity Advisory Board setup for 2022 – 2024. The newly implemented changes of the Connectivity Advisory Board will foster mutual progress. 

“We are determined to work together with and the industry leaders represented in this board, with the aim of bringing together ideas and reiterating on trends and common needs in the industry” said Robert van der Mast. Together with the other members of the board, and NextPax will make a meaningful impact for accommodation partners and guests, driving connectivity solutions that create more commercial value, enhanced operations and a better guest experience. Connectivity Advisory Board

The Connectivity Advisory Board was established as part of’s continued commitment to talking with providers about market trends, ideas, and strategies in order to foster mutual progress. Hereby,’s goal is to have more conversations with providers about issues that affect both and to obtain insights and aligning plans with industry milestones.

One of the recent changes is to connect more frequently on values to drive technical and commercial conversations, which will serve to bring up more ideas and common values. Furthermore, the board has been divided into two boards, namely the commercial advisory board and the tech and product advisory board. Another change is the meeting frequency, which will now be 4 times per year, 1 each quarter. 

NextPax Channel Manager and 

NextPax Travel Technology has been a preferred connectivity partner of since 2012. In 2019 and 2022 awarded NextPax as Premier Partner, the highest tier to be reached in the Connectivity Partner Programme, reflecting all the hard work put into providing quality service and contributing to the success of properties.
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