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The NextPax Supply API is designed for all supply partners and property managers of all kinds and amounts of accommodations worldwide who have the capability to connect to an API. 

What is the Supply API?

The NextPax Supply API is your gateway to the entire distribution network of NextPax, empowering you to efficiently distribute your inventory. Once connected, you gain full control over which inventory to send to each channel, manage availability, and determine when to start sharing your units.

After making a commercial agreement with the channel, it’s simply a matter of opening up the inventory for distribution to the sales channel. Additionally, the Supply API serves as a valuable extension of your revenue management system, ensuring optimal occupancy for all your inventory.

Connecting to the sales channels

Once the connection to the Supply API has been established, you will have a solution that can seamlessly support over 150 sales channels. However, commercially, it is essential to have contracts in place with each desired sales channel before initiating the connection process. Once this step is completed, the technical setup will be ready for you to scale your business effectively. While NextPax’s Commercial teams are available to assist you in connecting with the appropriate individuals at the sales channels, please note that we typically do not directly participate in this process.

What is needed?

To establish the connection to our Supply API, you will require the ability to interface with an API, which entails having developers on hand. This task is not necessarily resource-intensive or burdensome on your roadmap, but typically, we do not directly engage in this particular aspect of the process.

What are the costs?

Connecting with the Supply API involves no fixed monthly or start-up costs. Instead, you will only be charged on our pay-per-booking model, meaning you only pay a percentage in case of a succesfull booking. Our NextPax commercial team can provide further details on the precise setup and share the NextPax contract with you.

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