Ensure effortless guest payments through one of our certified & connected payment providers
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Want to increase conversion and target new consumers?           Invest in online payments.

We are integrated with a wide variety of payment providers that are excelling within the hospitality and accommodation rental industry. You will find all integrated providers here

We are fully PCI DSS Compliant and we adopt the latest security and legal regulations into our payment solutions like the newest SCA/PSD2 regulations

Our technology correctly handles Virtual Credit Cards of the various sales channels that are supporting this. Virtual Credit Cards enables them to provide alternative payment methods towards their guests and to streamline the payments process

Integrating with one of our payment providers, helps to reduce fraud bookings to 0 and reduce cancellations with 30%

Once integrated with a payment provider, our sales channels are able to open new demand streams by adding alternative payment methods like: iDeal, Sofort, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and many more

Embrace the automation of all payment processes and transactions and be amazed by how this creates better conversion, more diversification in your demand and more revenue for your business

Lennart Kok
Director Global Partnerships
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Why would you want to select a payment provider?

Payment Processing


We are able to capture any payment through our PCI protected and certified gateways with your payment provider. No more manual processes for your teams and guests.
Payment Processing


NextPax is PCI DSS compliant and has adopted the SCA/PSD2 regulations in all of their API’s, where we either offer tokenization solutions for personal, agency, corporate credit cards or work with virtual credit cards
Payment Processing
Payment Processing

Enabling alternative payment methods

Many of our channel partners are launching alternative payment methods towards their guests, presenting the funds on a virtual credit card. Ever thought increasing your customer base could be established by accepting more alternative payment methods like iDeal, Sofort, PayPal, WeChat, Apple Payments and many more?
Payment Processing

Reduced fraud bookings and cancellations

Case studies show that once partners started to use a payment provider, fraud bookings are reduced to zero and the number of cancellations on average reduces by 30%. Working with semi-online and offline payment methods like payment links, bank transfers or cash payments imposes a threat to your business as you might not be able to capture the payments from guests
Payment Processing
Payment Processing
PCI-DSS Compliant
Payment Processing
Two way connections
Payment Processing
One million+ properties
Trusted by leading organisations
growth on
The onboarding to the channels is the fastest we have ever encountered in a channel manager…
commitment towards their clients
Bas Lemmens - Hotelplanner
The team is performing on the highest standards I have seen in our industry.
years of partnership with NextPax
NextPax has a lot of technical expertise and knows how to set up an integration…
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Making it easier

‘Working closely with NextPax for almost ten years I can truly say they are an amazing partner.’

‘They keep us sharp and innovative, challenging us to get the most out of our relationship both technically and commercially. Their exceptional service and partnership has let them to be one of few top tier premier connectivity partners.’

Ruud van Buggenum, Connectivity Partner Business Manager

Expedia Channel Manager

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