NextPax renewed the Premier Connectivity Partnership Status with paving the way for seamless connectivity, available to vacation rentals, holiday parks, hotels & resorts.

April 12, 2024

(Almere, 12th of April 2024) NextPax renewed the Premier Connectivity Partnership Status with for the 2024 Preferred Connectivity Provider Program cycle. This status is a landmark for NextPax’s connection & partnership quality with, and demonstrates in-depth connectivity options available to accommodation partners.

As part of the renewal NextPax has worked intensively with the team to work on further product improvements and has also launched new features in the NextPax <-> connection, to (1) Improve functionalities for vacation rental, holiday park accommodation partners and (2) to make the platform ready to also handle hotels & resorts in a much better way. On NextPax’s pathway to achieve absolute seamless connectivity with, the following features (not limited to) were rolled out in collaboration with the team.

  • Adoption of’s Multiple Rate-Plans & Policy Management

Hotels & Resorts are known for having extensive rate-plan structures, with different meal plans and policies available at the same time, that allow for very dynamic revenue management and pricing strategies. NextPax now have adopted these dynamics to make them available, not only for hotels & resorts, but also for vacation rental and holiday park accommodation partners that want to have more options to diversify their pricing strategies, to better manage their revenue objectives.

  • Integration of’s Promotion API.

Where the multiple rate-plans and policy management upgrades really serve as long-term pricing setup for accommodation partners, promotions are used to amplify certain periods with a discount, to become more pricing competitive and secure more business for a given period. NextPax is now able to sync the following promotional types towards Early Bird, Last-Minute, Geo, Mobile, 

  • Co-developed and Piloted the new Request to Book API

As part of’s new strategic initiative to rollout Request to Book, to new clients in specific countries, that only would like to work on request to book, NextPax did a co-development & pilot on the Request to Book API. This with the result that NextPax is one of the first channel management solutions to have this feature integrated. NextPax is now able to handle, accept and or reject booking requests for any accommodation partner that is joining this program.

  • Key Improvements on managing multi-room reservations.

For hotels, resorts, but also holiday parks it can happen that multiple rooms, villas or homes are booked in one reservation. Imagine the annual family trips, group bookings and/or business trips with colleagues. For the accommodation partners it is good to understand who is in each room and what room reservations are tied to the same reservation. Together with NextPax agreed on a new layout for multi-room reservations in Core, that is more user friendly and easy to understand for accommodation partners.

  • Improved Contracting API integration, also supporting country addenda.

With’s contracting API we are now able to issue new agreements from our system for our accommodation partners and also request addenda for new countries the accommodation partner wishes to operate in. From contracting to onboarding and going live, it can be arranged seamless and quick.

  • App Design changes, based upon’s recommendation

Together with we analyzed our channel management solution on its design and user friendliness. One of the most impactful changes to date are the migrations to double stacked design menu throughout the whole application and having a central property manager selector/user selector on the top right, which comes in especially handy for accommodation partners operating multiple brands, and/or have multiple users with multiple rights using the system.

As NextPax goes into 2024/2025’s Preferred Program cycle new challenges to take and opportunities to convert in this partnership will await and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire community for the trust and investment placed in NextPax, being their Premier Connectivity Provider.