NextPax launches Channel Insights for Airbnb, providing dashboards related to managing hosting quality

February 14, 2024

 In pursuit to provide more business insights on distribution channels, NextPax has launched all operational dashboards related to hosting quality for Airbnb within its channel management software. As of today hosts that are distributing towards Airbnb are able to view and take action on multiple hosting quality related tasks from one central place within our channel management software. The aim of launching these features is to enable accommodation partners to review their hosting quality in a central place and take action, to further improve their overall hosting quality score on Airbnb. 

Why is managing and increasing hosting quality important?

Providing qualitative experiences towards guests will result in better review scores upon guest check-out. That then results in higher overall review scores, which is a requirement for getting the Superhost status. Higher overall review scores also help accommodation partners to land higher in the ranking algorithm of Airbnb, which stimulates more bookings and revenue for their accommodations.

What tools is NextPax releasing under Channel Insights for Airbnb?

NextPax has released the following tools under Channel Insights for Airbnb

  • Notifications – notifications from Airbnb around suspensions and warnings.
  • Resolutions – an overview of all resolution cases for a particular host.
  • Trip Issues – an overview of trip related issues for a particular host.
  • Transactions – an overview of all Airbnb transactions/payouts for a particular host.
  • Hosting Quality – an overview of the hosting quality status for each property.

Let’s dive a little deeper on the capabilities accommodation partners will have using each of these tools.


Under notifications we provide an overview of all Airbnb notifications hosts may get around the suspension status of their listings. They can either take action to prevent the listings from being suspended, or reactivate the listings after a suspension period has ended. The tool supports operational capabilities such as filters, reporting and a ‘mark as done’ functionality.


Under resolutions we are now showing all cases from Airbnb’s resolution center and we are connecting the resolution case to our listing and booking data. Moreover we are syncing all resolution case statuses, so the accommodation partner will be able to action and filter those cases that need the most urgent attention. 

Trip Issues

Under Trip Issues hosts will be able to find related trip issues (review score lower than 4) and reservations that were canceled by hosts beyond 30 days before arrival. It will contain structured information (review tags) as to why the experience was not meeting the guest expectations and if Airbnb’s customer service is involved, also these notes are present. Hosts will be able to identify their problematic accommodations, read structured feedback to improve on the experience.


This transaction overview will provide the host all the financial data related to their partnership with Airbnb. It includes all the reservations made, payouts as agreed in the resolutions center and cancellation fees charged. Accommodation partner can use this overview for reconciliation purposes and to stay on top of their cash-flow position. Important elements like the transaction details, payout ID, currency, amounts, commission are all mentioned in this overview.

Hosting Quality

In this overview the host can follow the hosting quality development for each listing and see in which status their listings sit. On suspended listings we also show if the listing can be reactivated and on what date, as well as any appeal opportunities present.

Airbnb Check Out Tasks

Not available in Channel Insights, but in Account Settings, another way to improve hosting quality is to set check-out tasks upfront to improve the guest expectations around their check-out experience. If for certain listings there are certain tasks you as host would like your guest to complete, please inform them in advance. Although there is always a fine balance between hospitality and providing guests with tasks to complete upon check-out, it is always better to inform them before they book.

All of the above features are generally available to all NextPax customers currently using our Channel Management Software and are designed to help hosts managing their hosting quality performance on Airbnb. If there are any questions related to these tools, hosts (new and existing) can always reach out to or their designated customer success manager.