NextPax Integrates bnbfinder as a New Channel Within its Distribution Partner Ecosystem

June 13, 2024

[Almere] – [13th of June 2024] – NextPax, a leading channel manager and technology provider for vacation rentals, holiday parks, hotels, and resorts, proudly announces the integration of bnbfinder into its Distribution Partner ecosystem. bnbfinder is a book direct platform without service fees, where property managers can make more revenue per booking and travelers go to save big on professionally-run vacation rentals. This strategic addition promises to generate extra demand for NextPax’s accommodation partners while significantly expanding the supply available on bnbfinder.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

  • Expanded Reach in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada: NextPax property owners and managers can now feature their unique vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, inns and boutique hotels on bnbfinder, diversifying their reach throughout North America.
  • Increased Direct Bookings and Revenue Opportunities: The partnership opens up new opportunities for increased direct bookings with travelers turning to bnbfinder for both the savings and elevated and reliable hospitality experience that comes with staying in professionally run accommodations without service fees. 
  • Seamless Technology Integration: NextPax’s cutting-edge technology platform ensures seamless connectivity and real-time data synchronization between property management systems and bnbfinder. This integration streamlines the booking process, providing guests with accurate pricing, availability, and instant booking confirmations.

“We are excited to integrate bnbfinder into our Distribution Partner ecosystem,” said Lennart Kok, Director of Distribution Partnerships at NextPax. “This collaboration aligns with our mission to offer our partners expanded reach and increased bookings while providing travelers with a broader selection of high-quality lodging options. Together, we are enhancing the vacation rental industry by leveraging our combined strengths.”

Eric Goldreyer, CEO and owner of bnbfinder, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “Partnering with NextPax allows us to offer an even greater variety of properties to travelers seeking unique, professionally managed stays in the U.S., Mexico and Canada – with the added bonus of saving up to 20 percent on every stay since we don’t charge service fees . This partnership is also an opportunity for us to tap into NextPax’s global distribution network, as we look to expand beyond the North American market in 2025.” 

About NextPax:
NextPax is a premier channel manager and technology provider specializing in vacation rentals, holiday parks, hotels, and resorts. By connecting property managers with leading distribution channels, NextPax enhances visibility, drives bookings, and streamlines property management processes through its advanced technology platform.

About bnbfinder:
For over 25 years, bnbfinder has been connecting travelers with unique bed and breakfasts, inns and boutique hotel accommodations – without the fees. In 2023, we expanded our platform to include professionally managed vacation rentals so guests can book directly with trusted property managers and avoid the service fees associated with other vacation rental travel sites. Our mission is to put hospitality back in travel by empowering professional property managers while making travel more affordable. To learn more about our vacation rentals without service fees, head over to