New Release Distribution API

September 14, 2022

We are pleased to announce a new release for our NextPax Distribution API.

Continuous innovation on our products is key at NextPax. We are always striving to improve our Distribution API as well as release new features that you can integrate and use on your platform. These are the new features and changes:

  • Property Related Information
    This new release comes with a brand new feature that allows you to provide us with property related information on your platform, such as property id, room id (if applicable), property url as well as property status. This information is crucial both for us, at NextPax and even more so for our common supply partners. Property Managers and or Property Management System need to know the “status” of their properties on your platform as well as have better insights to the mapping of ids, in order to streamline operations.
  • Property Manager Settings and Information
    Another cool new feature is the release of Property Manager Settings and Information. Our current endpoint /content/property-manager has received a huge overhaul and now contains a lot more information that you can receive and use. From general information such as accepted payment methods, check-in/out times to pets and children policies, this and much more is now available.
  • Consistency change to our Sandbox Environment
    Further to this new features, we also made a consistency change to our Sandbox Environment. Please note that our server URL has been updated (for Sandbox only) from to the new: as of this release. The old one is still in place for the time being but we ask all our partners to migrate as soon as possible.

For more information on these new features as well as performance improvements, please review our Developer Portal Release Notes.