Jetset Holiday and the full-service Channel Manager

Jetset Holiday is offering travel services of the highest quality and is the fastest growing online travel agency in the UK. Their mission is to create the ultimate online travel experience.

List your accommodations on Jetset Holiday with your full-service channel manager

jetset holiday channel manager

Jetset Holiday and the full-service Channel Manager

Sync and update in real-time

A two-way flow between the NextPax channel manager and the distribution channel Jetset Holiday enables real-time booking retrieval, content synchronization (pictures, descriptions, and amenities), property availability updates, and price updates.

A trustworthy booking channel

The Jetset Holiday staff works hard to make booking with an exceptional experience. They have a large number of committed travel specialists with tons of expertise providing customers with great experiences.
They offer a bespoke way of searching for your next travel, ensuring that all your needs are catered for in one place.

Overview of Jetset Holiday

Geographic focus
Apartments, vacation rentals, beach houses, B&Bs, cabins and more
Content Management
Bookings, Cancellations, Modifications, Booking Status Retrieval, Report Offline, Bookings, Cancellation by owner
Reservation Management
Bookings, Cancellations, Booking Status Retrieval
Merchants of Records
Accommodation partner

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