How to Prepare your Properties for High Season

January 27, 2022

16 December, 2021

High season 2022 is coming! To have your properties prepared on time, we will provide you with some exclusive tips and insights from on: 

  • The Supply Flow Score
  • How to improve your properties’ supply flow 
    • The impacts of setting stay-restrictions
    • Adapting to traveller trends
    • The benefits of both extending your properties’ availability and reducing the length of stay-restrictions

The Supply Flow Score on has recently introduced a new metric to help you understand the quality of your supply. The so-called Supply Flow Score enables you to see what exactly is available and what is offered to travellers on the platform. 

Next to that, also provides you with locally relevant data and performance-advice based on the latest demand trends.

How to prepare your properties for high season


Make sure your properties have loaded availability for upcoming months. This will help increase their visibility and avoid missing out on potential bookings. 

Get your properties ready to welcome travellers over the coming months. 

Currently, more than a third of searches on are for the upcoming 3 months. Therefore, it is recommended that you upload your properties’ Rates & Availability for future dates, so that they remain visible in traveller searches throughout this key period. 

Maximise your property’s success this summer by adapting to key traveller trends. Some of the key traveller behaviours this summer are expected to be: 

  • Searching for stays between July and September
  • Looking for flexibility
  • Planning to stay longer
  • Seeking safety reassurances
  • Making more Genius bookings
  • Making more bookings on the app and mobile website


Reduce the length of stay-restrictions, this will enable your properties to appear in more search results. 

Travellers can’t book what they can’t see 

Short-stay bookings have increased in the last period due to Covid-19. Yet almost half of connected Vacation Rental partners from don’t show up in travellers’ searches for one-night stays due to the length of stay restrictions. 

Ensuring your properties to be available for one- and two-night stays will maximise visibility and generate more bookings. 

Restrictions can have various impacts, such as:

  • Properties simply do not appear in search results
  • Reduced visibility in search results
  • Properties don’t appear in certain search results
  • Reduced brand awareness
  • Other properties can benefit from your restrictions
  • Lack of control 

The benefits of expanding availability and reducing the length of stay-restrictions.

First of all, enabling one and two-night stays is essential to match traveller demands. Secondly, it also helps to reduce operational hassle and the need for regular updates. 

Prepare for the summer and add sufficient Rates & Availability for the coming months, this will not only increase visibility in search results and the, but consequently also generate more bookings. Another benefit of shorter stay reservations is that it helps you in receiving more guest reviews and score boosts. 

Insights on your properties

In the extranet of, you will have access to demand data that’s specific to your location. This includes metrics such as booking windows, traveler type, split between domestic and international travellers, device used for booking, top countries and more. Make the most of these insights to improve your supply and boost bookings.

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