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Golfhōm Channel Manager

Golfhōm patrons can search a curated, worldwide list of golf course-vicinity vacation rentals, by tournament, city or any of the world’s 38,000+ courses. Golfhōm is transforming how golf travelers locate and book vacation rental accommodations.

List your vacation rentals on Golfhōm with your Full-Service Channel Manager.

Why List on Golfhōm

Annual Golf Travel Spend

Grant yourself improved and targeted access to the $25+ Billion Annual Golf Travel Spend ($5 Billion additional growth expected by 2024.)


Golfers are loyal to the sport and the companies they love. Golfhōm's ease of search, golf industry-partner discounts, golf content and our upcoming user loyalty programs will keep a good portion of the World's 60+ Million Golfers coming back to our platform. Don't lock your company and listings away from this prolific and growing section of the international travel market.

Cross Promotional Partnerships

Golfhōm is establishing cross-promotional partnerships with some of the largest and Most Successful Golf-Industry Companies. When these companies promote on behalf of Golfhōm, they will also be advocating loudly for the rental of your Golfhōm listings.

Key Features

Booking Channel
Geographic focus
Luxury Vacation Rentals
Content Management
PMs can upload their entire inventory and the staff will vet the listings by location and associated golf course for you.
Onboarding time
Merchants of Records
Golfhōm is the merchant of record and pays out to the PM/Host 24 hours after check-in.

Take your business to the next level.