Exploring the NextPax Distribution API v1.5 Release

August 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest update for the NextPax Distribution API, Version 1.5, set to roll out on August 28, 2023. This release introduces a host of enhancements designed to improve the overall experience for our Distribution Partners. Read on to discover the key features and functionalities that await in this release.

Messaging Endpoints Revolution

One of the most significant highlights of the v1.5 release is the introduction of advanced messaging capabilities. With these new messaging endpoints, our Distribution Partners gain the ability to implement an efficient communication solution for accommodations that are booked by guests. This enhancement fosters instant communication between guests and the accommodations they book.

The newly available messaging endpoints include:

  1. POST /threads – Initiate or create a new conversation thread. Threads serve as the foundation for conversations, allowing messages to be added seamlessly. For guest-initiated conversations, a thread is mandatory. Afterward, guest messages can be linked to the thread, ensuring a coherent conversation flow.
  2. GET /threads – Retrieve existing threads associated with your channel, facilitating efficient thread management.
  3. GET /messages – Access existing messages linked to established threads, ensuring transparent communication history.
  4. POST /messages – Add fresh messages to enhance guest-host communication, creating a seamless interaction experience.
  5. GET /messages/{threadId} – Retrieve all messages related to a specific thread, facilitating comprehensive context.

For further insights and details, refer to our dedicated Messaging API documentation.

Constants Endpoints: Streamlined Payment Methods

In response to partner feedback, the /constants/mapping-codes endpoint has been updated to include essential codes for payment methods. These codes offer valuable information about payment options supported by various property managers, ensuring partners understand the available payment avenues for guest bookings.

Enhanced Content Endpoints

The v1.5 release brings exciting enhancements to our content endpoints, bolstering the information available to our Distribution Partners:

  1. Social Media Links – The /content/property-managers endpoint now offers the socialMediaLinks object. This addition facilitates access to property managers’ social media profiles, enhancing guest interaction.
  2. Guest Booking Types Setting – The /content/property-managers endpoint introduces the guestBookingTypes setting. This feature streamlines the booking process by indicating whether properties support instant bookings, request-to-book, or a combination of both.
  3. Property Reviews Endpoint – The release unveils the Property Reviews endpoint, accessible through the /content/properties/{propertyId} endpoint. This feature enables partners to retrieve accommodation or host reviews from various sources, enriching the guest experience.
  4. Property Manager Rateplans Endpoint – The introduction of the /availability/rateplans/{propertyManagerCode} endpoint empowers partners with multiple rateplan options for property managers. This allows diverse pricing strategies, ranging from discounts to unique offers, enhancing partner offerings.

Availability Endpoints: Pricing Type Parameter

To provide more targeted pricing information, a new optional parameter – Pricing Type – has been incorporated into the GET /availability/rates and GET /availability/rates/{propertyId} endpoints. This parameter aids partners in retrieving rates for specific pricing types, enabling more tailored pricing structures.

PCI Endpoints: A World of New Possibilities

The PCI endpoints in the v1.5 release open up new horizons for our Distribution Partners:

  1. Channel Commission Submission – The POST /bookings endpoint now supports channel commission submission. Partners can include commission details during booking creation, facilitating prompt communication of applicable amounts and currencies.
  2. Booking Rateplan ID Submission – During booking creation using the POST /bookings endpoint, partners can now specify the linked rateplan, ensuring precise guest offerings.
  3. Guest Title and Initials No Longer Mandatory – While still accepted, the guest title and initials are no longer mandatory fields in the POST /bookings endpoint.
  4. Request to Book Functionality – The v1.5 release introduces the Request to Book functionality for Distribution API partners. This feature enables guests to submit booking requests, initiating a conversation with the accommodation. The accommodation can then accept or decline the request.

In Conclusion

The NextPax Distribution API v1.5 release introduces a range of exciting features designed to elevate communication, enhance partner offerings, and provide unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re a Distribution Partner, a property manager, or a guest, these enhancements promise to enrich the booking experience for all stakeholders. Stay tuned for the upcoming release on August 28, 2023, and make the most of the cutting-edge functionalities offered by NextPax.

For more detailed insights into each feature, please refer to our comprehensive documentation.

Note: This release follows the principle of backward compatibility and should not disrupt any current partner workflows.

Stay connected with NextPax for further updates and announcements!