Daenemark.de and Ferienhaus.de Join the NextPax Distribution Network

March 27, 2023

Almere, the Netherlands- NextPax travel technology, a full-service channel manager, has announced a new partnership with Daenemark.de and Ferienhaus.de. Ferienhaus.de offers top providers’ vacation rentals throughout Europe, while Daenemark.de focuses on vacation rentals solely in Denmark. Both brands primarily cater for the German market.

NextPax’s channel management solutions provide Ferienhaus.de and Daenemark.de with the tools to expand their inventory and offer their customers a wider range of properties to choose from. The channel management software allows for simultaneous updates to multiple booking channels, ensuring that information such as room availability and rates is up-to-date. Likewise, the partnership will allow NextPax to offer their clients access to distribute their properties on these leading channels and help them to reach a wider and more targeted audience to increase their bookings and maximize revenue.

“We are very pleased to combine the excellent expertise of NextPax with that of our dedicated team,” said Jan Schust, founder and CEO of both Daenemark.de and Ferienhaus.de.

For NextPax, the partnership represents an opportunity to expand its reach and build long-term partnerships with Daenemark.de and Ferienhaus.de, said Lennart Kok, Director Global Partnerships of NextPax. “As our accommodation partners are asking for diversification and localization of their distribution options, I’m thrilled to welcome these brands in our ecosystem. Daenemark.de is extremely well positioned to steer demand from Germany, Austria and Switzerland into Denmark; and Ferienhaus.de does that for the whole of Europe. Considering that the German traveler market is one the largest consumer markets in Europe, this is a big opportunity for all accommodation partners operating in Denmark and Europe”

About Daenemark.de and Ferienhaus.de

Ferienhaus.de provides German travelers with vacation rental options across all of Europe, whereas Daenemark.de focuses specifically on vacation rentals in Denmark for German tourists.

About NextPax

NextPax is a full-service channel manager that helps lodging providers and OTAs manage their inventory and rates across multiple booking channels. The company’s channel manager solutions allow for seamless connectivity and real-time data updates, helping clients to streamline their operations and expand their reach in the online travel marketplace.

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