CuddlyNest now partners with NextPax for integrated rental inventory distribution

April 15, 2019

CuddlyNest is now integrated with NextPax to distribute rental inventory

  • CuddlyNest now has a two-way integration with NextPax channel manager
  • The global online rental marketplace startup automates bookings, payments, content distribution and availability updates
  • The channel integration with NextPax allows any rental type distribution on CuddlyNest website

Berlin, April 2019
 – CuddlyNest, a fast-growing online rental marketplace startup, is excited to announce the integration with NextPax. ‘By integrating to NextPax, CuddlyNest now has access to a potential additional inventory of 600,000 vacation rentals and more than 10,000 hotels,’ says Erik Engel, CEO & Founder of NextPax. ‘NextPax provides direct technical integration of any inventory type onto the channel for property managers that are connected to our platform.’

CuddlyNest, the online rental marketplace with the lowest aggregate fees and total price in the market has grown ever since 2016, disrupting the cost-leadership rental platform oligopoly. Integrated with several large channel managers in both Europe and North America rental markets and listed among “ones to watch” in 2019, CuddlyNest is one of the uprising industry rivals to integrate with in order to drive bookings for any kind of rental property type managers.

The distribution channel is integrated in a two-way flow with NextPax, allowing for real-time booking retrieval, synchronization of content (images, descriptions and facilities), property availability updates and price updates. CuddlyNest takes care of payments and has a fully integrated content distribution, making the onboarding seamless for any property managers. The CuddlyNest platform is currently listing over a million properties around 100 countries worldwide, providing any type of accommodation, from long-term serviced apartment rentals to hostels and shared rooms.

The key to success and growth of CuddlyNest lies in its cost leadership. CuddlyNest’s innovative booking fee sharing model to list properties at the lowest price online. The cost advantage of the lowest aggregated commissions translates into cost advantage and higher booking rates for any property listed on CuddlyNest.

“Travel accommodation booking has become increasingly expensive, with online travel agencies charging vast commission fees. We are building a platform to democratize the market and bring power back to travelers, charging the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market, and therefore the lowest price in the market,” says Ritesh Raj, the Partner & COO of the start-up.

CuddlyNest doesn’t stop at its current success. The company is releasing an app for easier instant bookings for travellers on the go this summer, and major online platform experience upgrades are in the pipeline for this summer as well.

About CuddlyNest
Chicago based start-up was founded in 2016 and has grown ever since,  today offering safe bookings of over million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest innovative booking fee sharing model has been the key to the company’s success. The lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market. CuddlyNest is integrated with major channel managers NextPax, Ciirus, Escapia and is preferred partner of Avantio.

About NextPax
Founded in 2006, NextPax is a tech company specialized in providing complex API – connectivity solutions that enable seamless two-way connections between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide. The extensive network of NextPax consists of 600,000+ properties and is continuously growing by connecting new professional property managers, hotels and channels to the network. The cutting edge and highly automated distribution technology provided by NextPax, allows properties to be distributed via all major distribution channels and numerous niche channels. Connectivity includes availability, rates, inventory, bookings and content updates.

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