Campaya Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

September 5, 2022

Today, NextPax Full-Service Channel Manager, announced a new partnership with Campaya, a trusted international holiday rentals platform.

The new partnership with Campaya provides property managers with a channel that can bridge the gap between their holiday homes and travelers throughout all of the year. The channel’s target market is both the northern and southern parts of Europe. With their +10 websites, property managers can increase their vacation rental’s visibility significantly. 

Lennart Kok, Director of Distribution Partnerships at NextPax, explains that: “As we further progress with activating the Scandinavia market, I’m thrilled to welcome Campaya to our connected set of Distribution Partners. Accommodation Partners from Scandinavia, Europe and beyond, can now profit from Campaya’s mission to convert Scandinavian and Northern European based travellers as your new arriving guests. They are extremely well positioned within Scandinavia and growing their user base exponentially.”

Jesper Kruse, Head of Communications at Campaya, also expresses his excitement about the partnership: “Campaya attracts a very large number of renters every year. We are experts in supplying property managers throughout all of Europe with renters from Northern European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and also have a fast-growing user base in several South European countries. We have done this for more than a decade and are very excited to now join the NextPax Distribution Network to form several new long-lasting partnerships with property managers and agencies in all of Europe.”

Features/advantages of listing on Campaya:

  • Increase your visibility towards financially well-founded customers from countries such as Germany, Holland, and the Scandinavian countries
  • Excellent and fast responding customer service. 4,5 out of 5 on Trustpilot 
  • Fast and easy to get started 

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