The Channel Manager for Hotel Chains

The channel manager for hotels and hotel chains enables scaling your hotel business while keeping control. The content distribution is automated, ensuring your chain and your hotel brands to maintain their brand identity and customer value across all distribution channels. Achieving central revenue targets with the NextPax Channel Manager becomes easier, quicker and more secure.

  • Yield Management
  • Automate Content Management
  • Improved customer-management

Seamless Connectivity - Ideal for Large Hotel Chain Properties

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Multiple Rate Plans: Yield, Yield and Yield

With the use of multiple rate-plans, at hotel level and on chain level, you are now able to predict and achieve your hotel chain’s revenue objectives. Likewise, you are able to set the right price, for the right channels. And hereby attract the right guests at the right time – for any of your hotels. Whether you want to centrally manage the revenue management and distribution strategies for all your brands and hotels, or you’d like to provide more freedom to individual hoteliers to maximize their budgets – we provide the software to do so.

  • Diverse range of booking policies
  • OTA multipliers
  • Artificial intelligence based revenue predictor

Automate Content Management

Are you struggling with your entire content management strategy, getting your photos and brand identity aligned per channel? Do you have hotels that are not using the brand approved pictures or descriptions? Are you or your employees tired of changing pictures, descriptions or amenities to keep up with your hotel’s brand identity on 20+ different channel’s extranets? Then manage content in the NextPax channel manager and update and synchronize these different sales channels and third parties instantly. No single hotelier needs to manually adopt or change anything any longer. Because NextPax integrates all the content from your database for all hotel.

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Connect to 150+ distribution premium channels

Connect instantly to 150+ premium channels. Diversify and enable a global traveller marketplace. And put into effect these technical relationships and connections from a central place for a more cost-efficient and secure revenue strategy.

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All the integrations you need

We offer all the integrations you need to efficiently manage your hotels with the NextPax Channel Manager. All our solutions are API- and Cloud-based. Also, we use artificial intelligence to always provide you with the most up-to-date and advanced solutions.

In addition, you can connect the channel manager to property management systems, payment providers and include centralized messaging. Read more about each of these additional integrations.

About Hotel Channel Management - FAQ

Why should a hotel chain use a channel manager? Why should a hotel chain use a channel manager?

A hotel or hotel chain should use a channel manager for several reasons. Firstly, it allows them to manage their room inventory and rates across multiple distribution channels from a single dashboard, which saves time and reduces manual errors. Secondly, it helps ensure rate parity across all channels, which is crucial for maintaining a hotel’s brand reputation and avoiding potential penalties from OTAs. Lastly, it enables the hotel chain to expand their reach to a wider audience and increase their revenue potential by being present on multiple OTAs.

What are hotel distribution channels? What are hotel distribution channels?

Hotel distribution channels refer to the various channels through which a hotel chain can sell their rooms to customers, including online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), direct booking channels (such as the hotel’s website), and offline channels (such as travel agents or wholesalers). Each channel has its own benefits and challenges, and a hotel chain can use a channel manager to manage and optimize their distribution across all channels in real-time.

What are the benefits of using a hotel channel manager? What are the benefits of using a hotel channel manager?

By using a hotel channel manager, hotel chains can streamline their online distribution, reduce manual errors, improve rate parity, and increase their revenue by expanding their reach to a wider audience.

Is a hotel channel manager suitable for small hotel chains? Is a hotel channel manager suitable for small hotel chains?

Yes, a hotel channel manager can be useful for small hotel chains as well, as it can help them save time and money on manual distribution tasks, improve their online visibility, and compete with larger chains on a level playing field.

What are multiple rate plans in a hotel channel manager? What are multiple rate plans in a hotel channel manager?

Multiple rate plans are different pricing strategies that a hotel chain can offer for their rooms on various distribution channels. For example, a hotel chain might offer a non-refundable rate plan, a flexible rate plan, or a corporate rate plan. Each rate plan can have different prices, restrictions, and benefits, depending on the target customer segment or the channel. For instance, a hotel chain may offer a discounted rate plan for guests who book directly through their website, and a higher rate plan for guests who book through OTAs. With a hotel channel manager, a hotel chain can easily create and manage multiple rate plans across all channels, and adjust them in real-time based on market demand, competitor prices, or other factors. This helps to increase revenue, optimize occupancy, and attract different types of customers to the hotel chain.

What is the best hotel channel manager? What is the best hotel channel manager?

The best hotel channel manager is a subjective matter and depends on the specific needs and preferences of each hotel chain. However, some key features that the best hotel channel manager should have include a user-friendly interface, real-time inventory and rate management, connectivity with multiple distribution channels, and tailored solutions. Hotel chains should evaluate different options and choose the one that best fits their business model, budget, and objectives.

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