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Tommy Booking

Tommy Booking / Tommy 2.0 is a software provider to 600+ holiday parks and campings, mainly in Benelux countries. It is a user-friendly online booking system in the cloud. With the tour operating module, a connection can be made with different channels through NextPax, such as Airbnb, Allyourz and Vipio.

Integrate with Tommy Booking to your Full-Service Channel Manager and distribute to 100+ global and niche booking channels.


Dutch leisure industry

Tommy Booking is a Dutch company founded 30 years ago and has extensive experience in the Dutch leisure industry.

Diverse inventory types

They are mainly focussed on holiday parks, campsites and group accommodations in the Benelux.

Cloud-based system

The reservation system is cloud-based. Currently over 850 clients are making use of their software.


Geographic FocusBenelux
SegmentHoliday parks, campsites, group accommodations

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