‘The vacation rental industry is in a transition process, where both consolidation – and new players going into the market – is part of a normal quarter. For us it’s therefore of great importance that we have a reliable partner that allows us to be a significant part of this transition. NextPax has a deep knowledge about the industry and a leading technology platform supporting that knowledge. Besides that, the NextPax team also plays an active part in developing new commercial opportunities within the vertical. That is what I call reliable.’
Novasol Group
“We have been working with NextPax for quite a while. We have got to know NextPax as a reliable, professional and pleasant technical partner with a good view on e-commerce.”
“On behalf of Interhome, supplier of more than 30,000 inspected holiday homes I have experienced that NextPax.com has a lot of technical know-how and knows how to set up an integration, in a fast way, when there is an online travel offer.”
“The speed of adding the channel and configuring the inventory in multiple accounts is so quick and easy, and the onboarding from the PMS to the channel is the fastest we have ever encountered in a channel manager. The flexibility to have multiple accounts with different policies, fees, and configurations has made the integration highly successful. NextPax is an exceptional partner, and we are excited to see what lies ahead.” Founder and CEO, Steve Milo.
“NextPax easily guarantees us smooth connections, up-to-date prices and availability. Working with NextPax has proven to be an excellent choice. They meet the highest technical standards, delivering the quality we seek in a timely manner.”
“Bungalow.Net and NextPax have been working together for many years at which Bungalow.Net offers holiday homes in 22 countries via XML and which are processed by NextPax in her PaxGenerator. NextPax combines these houses with those of other houses on offer inside and outside the Netherlands. Through this a large file of holiday homes has been built up, which partners of NextPax can process into their websites. We have experienced that the team of NextPax successfully supports her partners who use this PaxGenerator, helps to process these data and after that gives support in a correct and pleasant way.”
Bungalow.Net BV
“Because of our longterm collaboration we have got to know NextPax as a trustworthy partner. Besides the professional and reliable communication and support does NextPax offer us the chance to work together with many online portals. NextPax has extensive technical know how and updates to the platform are executed in a timely manner.”
TUI Ferienhaus