• Connectivity to Vacation Rental Properties provided via NextPax channel management network now integrated in LaComunity search engine
  • LaComunity plans to make 1,000,000 properties available to be booked instantly through its sales channels and estimates to become the second largest company in the world in number of instant booking properties

Barcelona, October, 18th 2018. LaComunity, one of Europe´s leading vacation rental sites in terms of the number of instant booking homes and one of the companies that has been generating some of the biggest innovations in the tourism sector in recent years, has reached an agreement with NextPax, one of the leading channel managers for holiday rentals, in order to offer its customers a greater number of properties and holiday rentals to choose from.

Partnering with NextPax, a channel manager that offers connectivity to more than 600,000 properties with numerous specialized channels, LaComunity estimates to become the second company in providing the largest number of instant bookable homes worldwide. Both companies are leaders in the application of the latest technological developments in the tourism sector and use the latest developments to scale and increase business worldwide. With this agreement, LaComunity expects to reach the figure of 1,000,000 properties that can be booked instantly through its sales channels.

Founded in 2006 by Erik Engel, NextPax provides property owners, managers and agents a platform to offer, book and update properties. Their network consists of more than 600,000+ accommodations that are being distributed via all large OTAs and numerous niche channels.

The integration of NextPax in LaComunity’s search engine will increase the possibilities that users have to find quality holiday rental properties in the best tourist areas in the world with more than 600,000 properties available. For its part, NextPax extends its reach by adding LaComunity as one of the largest European channels to its network of clients such as travel agencies, companies and large “B2B” distributors worldwide.

Francesc Sanz, founder of LaComunity, stressed that the agreement with NextPax is a strategic step for the company since it allows them to boost the worldwide number of homes that their customers will have access to through their sales channels.

This agreement promotes the project that LaComunity has implemented to incorporate the best technologies, such as Blockchain and machine learning, to the supply and distribution chain of holiday rentals, substantially improving the results for all parties involved.

About LaComunity
LaComunity, created in 2013, has 200,000 properties that can be booked instantly worldwide, 1,300 professional property managers. The company is based in 1,480 cities of 79 countries around the world and has as business partners some of the main players in the vacation rental sector.

About NextPax
Founded in 2006, NextPax is a leading vacation rental channel manager specialized in providing complex API- connectivity solutions that enable seamless two-way connections between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide. The extensive network of NextPax consists of 600,000+ properties and is continuously growing by connecting new professional property managers, hotels and channels to the network. The cutting edge and highly automated distribution technology provided by NextPax, allows properties to be distributed via all major distribution channels and numerous niche channels. Connectivity includes availability, rates, inventory, bookings and content updates.