PaxGenerator GDS, Connect with 600,000+ vacation rentals

Based in the Netherlands, NextPax serves the vacation rental market with a unified platform for booking channels and websites to expand their portfolio. Updates and bookings are registered instantly and synced throughout the network.

What is NextPax?

NextPax is the first-of-its-kind two-way solution for sites and channels that offer vacation rentals to connect with owners/managers of vacation rentals and let synergy take it from there.

I own/manage a booking channel/website for vacation rentals. What can NextPax do for me?

We can connect you with an ever-growing offering of high quality vacation rentals in Europe, North America and Asia.

  • increase your portfolio in depth and variety
  • boost your exposure
  • get more bookings through your channel
  • help your clients better
  • avoid overbooking
  • facilitate payments
PaxGenerator GDS

Would this mean making adjustments to our work-flow?

No. Once you have established the connection between our servers and your database, availability data, rates, photos and property details from the agencies, sites and property managers you selected are available on your site. It should be business as usual for you. Just a lot more business.

So how does it work?

We have connections with countless large and smaller agencies, owners and managers of vacation rentals. You, managing a booking channel, select the ones you want to partner with and NextPax makes the connection. Now, data coming from their various property management systems are translated into universally interpretable data and then customized to meet the specifications of your site or channel.  

The connection is real-time and two-way. The very second a booking of a property is confirmed on your site, the NextPax system blocks its availability (for the confirmed period) in all other channels to rule out double bookings. Subsequently, NextPax updates the partner’s management system with all relevant information, such as guest information, booking dates and billing details as provided by your customer.

I’m concerned about quality.

We understand that a poor holiday experience booked through your site reflects badly on your reputation. That is why we have taken all available steps to avoid double bookings and demand from our property managing partners that they provide truthful and up to date information regarding their property.

What more can you tell me?

There’s so much more we can tell you about NextPax. About the many clients we have helped so far, about the millions of visitors that connect through us each day… But we would rather speak with you in person and tell you about what we can do for you and your business. Please contact us.