Are you a Lodgix customer and looking for a channel manager to connect you to major booking sites like, Expedia, Airbnb and many others?

Lodgix via NextPax

Being a Lodgix customer, you can easily select NextPax for you channel management. NextPax can synchronize all bookings, rates, availability and content between Lodgix and the distribution channels that are connected to the NextPax platform. So why should you choose NextPax as your channel manager? In a partnership with NextPax, you can profit from the following key features:

✓ Access to 300+ distribution channels globally, like Booking.comExpediaTripAdvisorHomeToGo as well as many local and niche channels
✓ Availability, rates, inventory and booking retrieval done in near real-time
✓ Automatic content updates are done daily/weekly
✓ Single-unit and multi-unit capable (key & representative)
✓ Multi-currency and multilingual
✓ The channels are the merchant of record
✓ No startup or monthly fees – only a small transaction fee is charge
✓ Connectivity, automation and efficiency are driving focus of the company
✓ NextPax has been providing channel management software for vacation rental companies since 2006

How to proceed?

To learn how NextPax can help you reach your goals, feel free to contact us! You can contact us at +31 85 060 05 01 or fill out the contact form.


When using Lodgix as your PMS, NextPax can easily connect your units to the different available channels. Take a look at our channel partners, or request a copy via your Account Manager.