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HomeToGo has the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals, listing millions of offers from thousands of trusted partners. From apartments, cabins, boats, castles, hotels, hostels, and everything in between, HomeToGo combines price, destination, dates and amenities to find the perfect accommodation for any trip worldwide. Founded in 2014, HomeToGo employs more than 250 people and manages 23 local apps & websites across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia-Pacific. HomeToGo also operates brands such as, Casamundo and Wimdu. Aside from comparing price options from various OTA’s like, Vrbo and AirBnB, they now also aim to grow their own portfolio, enabling the opportunity for you to etalate your brand and grow your business via them as well

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Why choose NextPax as a channel manager to list your accommodations on HomeToGo?

Content Management

NextPax Travel Technology is offering full content management on the connection towards HomeToGo. Your pictures, descriptions, amenities and any related section related to HomeToGo’s content requirements can be shared from our system. Once you have your , we can fully build your accommodations on HomeToGo. Did you know we can build 40.000 accommodations and have those listed on HomeToGo within 5 minutes?

Diverse Pricing Solutions

Through NextPax you are able to set a diverse range of pricing solutions for HomeToGo. We do operate on a Length of Stay model with HomeToGo, which enables you to set prices for any length of stay, any stay date and for each occupancy. Also we can let HomeToGo know which taxes or additional fees are payable on location of the property

Distributed to all brands, at once

Through the connection with HomeToGo we can also supply your accommodations towards other popular accommodation portals owned by HomeToGo, like CasaMundo Tripping and Wimdu. Ofcourse, you will be listed on HomeToGo as well, however you get all the other options as well in one go

Characteristics of NextPax’s connection with HomeToGo

  • Trustworthy and reliable connection for several years, realtime distribution of rates & availability
  • Acces priority support from the HomeToGo team, through commercial excellence teams and onboarding teams made available by them
  • The ability to synchronize your account with us in just a few clicks
  • Very quick integration. Easy channel to work with and easy to onboard on via NextPax
  • Ability to use your own descriptions
  • Open to any type of inventory, from hotels to lodging, resorts to villas and anything in between
  • Very diverse pricing solutions available, including Length of Stay pricing, multiple policy options and long-stay rates available
  • Ability to provide on-site additional costs, such as local tourist tax or other costs payable at location
  • One connection for HomeToGo, to also get distributed on CasaMundo, Tripping and Wimdu

Key Features of HomeToGo Rentals

Category OTA
Geographic focus Global
Segment focus Vacation Rentals, Holiday parks / resorts and alternative accommodations
Pricing model Commission based
Commission 12% to 14%, depending per region
Content Management Full: Pictures, Amenities, Descriptions, Geographical Details, Property Details, HomeToGo Specific Details
Reservation Management Bookings, Cancellations, Booking Status Retrieval
Pricing & Availability Length of Stay Pricing, Availability up to 465 days
Extra Features None
Onboarding time 1 week
Who is the merchant of record? Accommodation Owner
Payment Solutions to capture guest payments Traveller Credit Cards

8 Reasons why you should work with HomeToGo


Today HomeToGo already has about 18million+ offers from about 2.000+ partners. It has very quickly become the go-to-marketplace for listing and distributing your vacation rental accommodation


HomeToGo distributes your accommodation to 4 different brands; HomeToGo, CasaMundo, Tripping and Wimdu. Aside from that they have around 40+ localized websites to serve all markets. So basically by working with HomeToGo your accommodation gets advertised in 40 markets!


When you distribute your accommodations towards HomeToGo, you can capitalize on being distributed to an international reach. Did you know that the top consumer/traveller markets for HomeToGo are Germany, United States, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Spain?


Unlike others, HomeToGo really is supporting direct communication between property managers and guests. From the moment your guests book via HomeToGo, you can communicate with your guests the way you want, without having to login to an extra interface or use a login at all


HomeToGo Group offers state of the art sales, account management and onboarding support.Their team is ready to optimize and set you up for success


HomeToGo Group is offering a Data Analytics Toolset to help accommodation owners to maximize their performance on HomeToGo in their HomeToGo Dashboard


HomeToGo Group offers 24/7 global customer and traveller support in most languages and cultures of the world


As HomeToGo is also sourcing pricing and availability from AirBnB, and other websites, with your direct advertisement you can etalate your accommodation and brand as well on this website

All about the HomeToGo Group connection

Do I have to sign up with each of the HomeToGo Group brand’s separately?

Thankfully, no! You do not need to sign up for all HomeToGo Group brands separately. When you partner with them, your listing will appear on some of the world’s leading online travel brands, including Tripping, CasaMundo and Wimdu. Collectively, their sites cover virtually every corner of the market, and your property is advertised across 4 brands and 40 markets

Why still list on HomeToGo if my accommodation is already synchronized to HomeToGo via AirBnB or

If you list your accommodations directly on HomeToGo it will enable you to push your brand to customers worldwide and you are allowed by HomeToGo to use your own terms and conditions. Also an important point is that HomeToGo will share the guest’s own contact details, and foster property managers to have their own conversations with their guests

How Is HomeToGo Group offering support?

For each market they have customer support contact details for property managers and the larger partnerships will all have their designated account managers. Aside from that an entire helpdesk has been created with articles on every aspect HomeToGo cares for:

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s super simple, just opt-in to the agreement and terms & conditions we already have in place with them! Reach out to our support team. After the opt-in we will build your accommodations instantly

Our NextPax channel management software allows you to build, manage and control an unlimited amount of accommodations at the same time from our system. We sync all the details of your accommodations over our connection with the HomeToGo Group. No more manual work to be done!

No any reservation made to by a traveller with the HomeToGo Group is an instant booking and is real-time delivered to your system as such

Impressed by the speed

‘We’ve been working with NextPax for several years and can’t recommend them enough to property managers’

`From a business perspective, they’re incredibly easy to work with and are readily available to answer any questions that might come up. Property managers love working with them and we continue to be impressed by the speed of onboarding. Making NextPax a HomeToGo preferred partner was an obvious move and we look forward to working even more closely with them`

Rachel Tabellion

Head of Sales – HomeToGo

Expedia Channel Manager

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