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Distribution Specialist – Connectivity Solutions (CLOSED)

Distribution Specialist - Connectivity Solutions. Almere, the Netherlands - CLOSED

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As a Distribution Specialist – Connectivity Solutions, you will have a pivotal and global role within Connectivity Solutions, where you will work with the connectivity partners, both on the supply side (PMS integrations, CRS integrations) and on the demand side (distribution partner integrations) to scale and build the right technology setup to provide the best possible value to the end-clients, accommodation partnerships.


  • Create, manage and own the technical partner capabilities framework to which we assess all connectivity solutions, and work with connectivity solutions to keep on pushing the status quo.
  • Actively work with technical counterparts with our connectivity partners to drive innovation, bug resolution, and process-driven improvements.
  • Perform a quality assessment on new features delivered by our IT division or by the partner’s IT division.
  • Create, Deliver and maintain internal documentation (Confluence, Atlassian), and external documentation (Hubspot) to drive internal and external education of new features/improvements delivered via our connectivity partners.
  • Participate in technical calls, assessments/deep dives and business reviews with our API partners, and provide commercial sustainable feedback.
  • Guide and define product feedback to our Senior Product Owner for connectivity partners using the NextPax set of API’s (Supply API, Distribution API).
  • Own and manage the technical criteria outlined by Airbnb,, Vrbo, HomeToGo and any other partner running a preferred program.
  • Build, maintain error dashboards in either Kibana or Grafana to showcase potential errors per OTA, and start to work them through, based on priority, commercial impact and technical severity.
  • Taking a central role and being comfortable with regional differences based on conversations with regional stakeholders within NextPax and with our business partners.

Daily Tasks

  • Consult available reporting from our strategic connectivity partners like Airbnb,, Vrbo, HomeToGo and more – to proactively improve the quality of the connections.
  • Monitor our key connectivity solutions to identify early outages or challenges regarding our API connections.
  • Partake as a ‘listener’ in the API support/Developers meetings to assess and find more structural problems that need attention.

Weekly Tasks

  • Provide the commercial teams in EMEA/Americas/APAC with structural projects/improvements and process updates made for the respective connectivity solutions.
  • Catch-Up with our SPO, to share industry wide feedback and to work on initiatives that drive change proactively.
  • Join calls with our strategic connectivity solutions as technical counterparts.
  • Check-in on all preferred programs to assess the metrics.
  • Feed the pipelines for developments with commercially relevant business tickets with structural improvements for the whole ecosystem.

Monthly Tasks

  • Build and maintain Kibana Dashboards in which we are able to assess API behaviour and proactively assess where there is room for improvement.
  • Provide key learnings/results/changes in the company update, being able to present to a large audience.
  • Screen Confluence/Knowledge Base for Hubspot to assess if provided intelligence is still up to date and add new information accordingly.
  • Attend Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Quarterly/Half Year business meetings with key connectivity partners (Americas, EMEA, APAC).
  • Join technical/product updates/webinars from key partners to find new items launched that we can use in our offering.
  • Assess and update the partner’s performance in the capabilities framework in Core

Tools and Resources

  • API Documentation Distribution Partners
  • API Documentation Supply Technology Partners
  • Kibana (where all logs of all connectivity solutions are present to deep dive on) + SAPI/DAPI
  • Grafana – tool used for monitoring
  • Confluence, HubSpot Knowledge Base
  • JIRA
  • HubSpot

Expected Gains

  • Stay- or achieve preferred status in the Preferred Partner programs of the leading channels like Airbnb,, VRBO and others
  • More efficiency due to less inbound for the API support team and Onboarding team.
  • A higher employee and customer satisfaction, due to proactive issue resolutions made from our side, driving customer loyalty/revenues
  • Better quality assessment and education around new features and resolutions made.

The right candidate

  • Strong technical profile within working with API’s.
  • Analytical skills, looking at logs and API documentations.
  • Commercial mindset in getting the best commercial solution in place for our partners.
  • Hands-On approach, getting issues fixed.
  • Working from our office in Almere, Amsterdam area, The Netherlands.

The offer

You will be part of a team of professionals with short communication lines. Working for NextPax means working closely with technical and commercial teams of all major online travel agents like, Airbnb, Google, Marriott, Expedia, Vrbo, and so on.

  • Competitive salary
  • Major holidays off every year
  • 25 days vacation
  • Monthly train card
  • Laptop provided 2nd monitor screen etc.
  • Flexible working hours (after first 2 months)

About NextPax B.V.

The company was founded in 2006 by Erik Engel when he himself was dealing with the complexity and associated cost of connecting his online booking website to property managers. Erik began his work from a small attic focusing primarily on VR, and was directly joined by the current CTO Robert van der Mast, to write the first lines of code. Since then, the company has seen rapid growth to become a leading channel manager specializing in providing seamless, two-way connections between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide.

Over the years, we’ve been able to work with some of the largest property management systems in the world, which provided our team with a wealth of experience. We’ve come to understand, from an inside perspective, the competitive demand of the market, and the subsequent need for enhanced automation and conversion.

NextPax Values

  • Succeed Together

We work as a team – across cultures, time zones, and departments. Winning together is important and together we share the challenge.

  • Think Partner First

We obsess about adding value for our partners and colleagues – to make travel technology easier for everyone. We solve industry-wide problems by putting the partner at the center of everything we do.

  • Be Bold

We have the courage to take risks and to challenge the status quo every day. We are not afraid to make mistakes, as long as we learn fast and always strive to be a better version of ourselves.

  • Learn Forever

Travel Technology is constantly evolving and so are we! Our people invest time and energy in broadening our horizons and knowledge, to the best of our abilities. We launch fast and iterate.

  • Own It

We own our own success – deliver on our promises and make well-informed decisions. We are decisive and accountable for our work and the solutions provided. We start independently and explore opportunities for growth.

If you have this profile and can see yourselves in this role, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Any questions, please feel free to write to Philip Kildegaard (COO) on email

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