TripAdvisor – Complete connectivity via NextPax

Why choose NextPax?

NextPax is one of few channel managers to offer a complete two-way API connection to TripAdvisor Rentals. A pre-booking check ensures rates and availability are correct. Once the booking is completed, NextPax will push the booking into the reservation system.

Offer your best rates directly at TripAdvisor

No hassle with exports and manual checks: don’t waste the reservationist’s time editing quotes or rates and let guests book with confidence. Being able to offer the best available rates improves the conversion via the distribution channel.

How does it work?

The two-way API-connection enables content, rates, availability and bookings to be synchronized in near real time between TripAdvisor Rentals and the property management software. In addition, a live request is sent to the Assisted Rates API to ensure near real time pricing.

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