NextPax and Homeaway, A winning combination.

Now listing on the world’s largest network of holiday rental sites is easier than ever.

Great news: Homeaway is now integrated with the leading software providers in the holiday rental industry. This means you can now create and manage your listings on HomeAway brands using your existing software. The system syncs automatically, so every time you make an update to your online inventory using your software, the same updates appear on your HomeAway listings.

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Homeaway and NextPax


Go live immediately

Your property records can become new live listings on Homeaway instantly.

Save time

When you update your property information (rental rates, availability calendar, photos and description) using NextPax, it automatically updates on Homeaway, meaning no manual input for you.

A long term partnership

Whatever new functionalities are developed on Homeaway, NextPax will maintain the quality of your listing on its site.


You can “activate” Homeaway as a channel partner in your property management software. This connection allows you to distribute your listing data directly from your software
When you activate your connection, the following information will update automatically on your Homeaway listing: descriptions, facilities, photos, availability, bedroom and bathroom data, rental rates, and rental rates notes. Reviews and Contacts do not currently update. A high quality listing is as complete as possible, and has good quality content. Your account manager can advise you further on this.
For questions related to the activation and updates to Homeaway, please contact your Account Manager.
To learn more about Homeaway’s product offerings and pricing, contact your Account Manager.
Property managers need to have a minimum of 5 listings to be eligible to activate the integration between NextPax and Homeaway.