Grow your business with HomeToGo via NextPax

About HomeToGo

In only a few years, HomeToGo has become a fast-growing distribution channel for vacation rentals worldwide. Power, Control, Flexibility, and Efficiency – that’s how HomeToGo maximizes bookings and helps property managers diversify their revenue streams. International exposure, direct guest communication, fast integration and enhanced brand visibility – all of this and much more is now only a few clicks away for all NextPax clients.

POWER – Diversify distribution, capture more bookings and increase revenues

  • Generate international off-season bookings with HomeToGo’s 23 international websites
  • Above average length of stay and diverse lead times (short/mid-term, last minute/early bird) 
  • Broad user base attracting equally families, couples, and groups
  • Above average booking value 

CONTROL – Giving power back to property managers

  • Get paid immediately upon booking
  • Set your own pricing strategy
  • Communicate directly with your guests
  • Use your own cancellation policy and T&Cs
  • Only pay HomeToGo once per month if you received bookings 

FLEXIBILITY – Easy setup & lean guest experience

  • Free to activate for all NextPax clients
  • All property information you have in NextPax will be pulled
  • Real-time listing update via NextPax vacation rental software
  • All property types and inventory sizes welcome
  • Fast integration in 5 working days

EFFICIENCY – Intuitive user experience

  • Users find your properties and complete their booking on HomeToGo
  • A confirmation email is sent to the user with booking details and your contact details
  • Booking confirmation is immediately sent to you via API including customer details
  • Payment details are sent directly to your NextPax account along with every Booking Request. 

How to get started?

If you have more than 1 short-term rental, reach out to and activate your properties in the NextPax interface. A HomeToGo Connection Manager will inspect the connection and enable properties on HomeToGo. Get connected now to one of the established players in the vacation rental industry!

Contact information 

If you are interested in working with HomeToGo, don’t hesitate to contact them directly: