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The centralized messaging integration for the Channel Manager integrates messaging into 1 single place for all channels that deliver this option. Save time and effort, become more efficient by automating more. 

messaging channel manager


Manage all from one place.

Have all messaging in one central place, so you can manage your messaging easier, faster and more efficient.

Automate processes

By automating messaging you will save plenty of time.

Optimize your distribution management strategy by automating and centralizing messaging with the full-service channel manager.


Automate guest messaging to save time and to become more efficient. The automated guest messaging is an integration of the full-service channel manager, to help you centralize all the essential facets of vacation rental management. 

Answering guest messages or requests while switching back and forth between several extranets now belongs to the past. You won’t loose any valuable time with the NextPax all-in-one Message Engine. This solution integrates messaging into 1 single place for all channels that deliver this option. You can use our Channel Management System Core as your starting point, or we can deliver all the messages to an email-address of your liking. And by the way – we can take care of your responses as well.

messaging channel manager

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