The Channel Manager
for Bed and Breakfast

With the channel manager for bed and breakfast you don’t have to worry about technology anymore, so you can focus entirely on your guests.

Our technology simplifies your distribution efforts. Hereby making channel management easier, quicker and more secure.

Bed and breakfast channel manager
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Bed and Breakfast Channel Manager

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Why Choose NextPax as a Channel Manager for
your Bed and Breakfast?

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Connect to 100+ distribution channels

With our simple and easy to use software, you can also ensure an unparalleled reach and advertising on more than 100 channel partners. Thereby allowing you and your property to reach more than a billion guests all over the planet! We are connected to the most renown channels including:, Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia and many more. 

Streamline channel management processes

Our aim is to empower Bed and Breakfasts to streamline their everyday processes. We do not only simplify these processes, but also make them quicker. Meaning that in just a few clicks you are able to manage for instance: payment processing, guest-information, booking details, creating reports and much more. Further, you can generate an overview of every single booking with all the information you need.

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Run your Bed and Breakfast and your bookings more efficiently with the channel manager features that you can use on a daily basis. Updates are made in real time thanks to our seamless state-of-the-art technology. As a result, you will have limited to no chances of over-bookings.

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User-friendly interface

All our solutions are cloud-based, mobile first, user-friendly and have a one-click interface. Helping you complete major processes quicker and easier. 

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"Working closely with NextPax for almost ten years I can truly say they are an amazing partner.’ ‘They keep us sharp and innovative, challenging us to get the most out of our relationship both technically and commercially. Their exceptional service and partnership has let them to be one of few top tier premier connectivity partners."
Ruud van Buggenum
Connectivity Partner Business Manager,
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About Tech & Innovation - Dutch Radio Program

admin June 22, 2022

During this broadcast of Dutch Radio-Program Easy FM on Tech & Innovation, Folkert Postma, VP Global Partnerships at NextPax, explains about countercyclical investing and innovation, opportunities within the travel industry and realizing personal ambitions.

New partnership between NextPax and

admin June 8, 2022 is a pioneer online travel agency (OTA) in Indonesia that was founded in 2011. is the top agent for all airlines in Indonesia, hotel partners, and also Indonesian Railways, and now has joined the NextPax Distribution Network.

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Renthia Joins the NextPax Distribution Network

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Renthia, a long-stay booking platform offering property managers the opportunity to increase occupancy up to 100% joined the NextPax Distribution Network.

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NextPax Announces New Monthly Vacation Channel, Partnership with and The American Snowbird Network

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NextPax Channel Manager Announces New Monthly Vacation Channel, Partnership with and The American Snowbird Network

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NextPax Travel Technology adds Likibu to their Distribution Network

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NextPax, full-service channel manager, and Likibu, a meta-search of vacation rentals, announced their partnership today. This great opportunity allows NextPax’ partners to distribute their vacation rentals on Likibu, a leading vacation rental search engine.

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NextPax Travel Technology partners with Hopper

admin February 17, 2022

NextPax announces a partnership with travel app Hopper that will bring its full-service channel management and accommodations to the fastest-growing mobile first travel marketplace. As part of this partnership, Hopper is offering all NextPax customers the option to list 3-months commission-free on Hopper Homes if you sign up before 28th February 2022.

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