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How to get your hotel on Airbnb

Airbnb and NextPax have been jointly developing technology that enables hotels to distribute their properties on Airbnb. The connection channel manager NextPax has built allows hotels, boutique hotels and B&Bs to have a real-time connection of room rates, availability and content between the property management system and Airbnb.

How does it work?

NextPax can pull all information (including content) from the listings out of your PMS and build them automatically onto Airbnb. The seamless two-way API connection synchronizes multiple listings across multiple channels, making it possible to manage everything from one central platform.

What kind of hotels can apply?

With Airbnb guests evolving and wanting different types of accommodations for each type of trip, Airbnb is looking for a broader set of property types, as well as higher quality properties. When you are not listed on Airbnb yet, you can subscribe via their website. 

Interested in working with a Channel Manager for hotels?

The NextPax Channel Manager helps hotels that work with multiple distribution channels to avoid overbooking situations and minimize manual labour. Fill out the contact form if you would like to start working with us!

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