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Unlock all the integrations you need to efficiently run your vacation park with the NextPax Channel Manager. Our API- and Cloud-based solutions, coupled with artificial intelligence, ensure you have the most up-to-date and advanced tools at your disposal.

Holiday Parks, Campsites, Resorts - Manage All Your Units More Efficiently

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Multi-unit channel management

Save time and resources by streamlining everyday processes. In fact, in just a few seconds to max. 1 minute, you can complete payment processing, guest information, booking details, creating reports and much more. Also, with a few clicks you can dive-deep into an overview of every single booking.

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Reduced risk of double bookings

By automating processes you avoid the risk of double bookings. Also, keeping availability, rates, policies and content up-to-date, has never been that simple. With the NextPax Channel Manager you make sure that the updates are displayed instantly on all connected channels.

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Improved Customer Service

By streamlining all processes you will save time which you can invest in customer care.

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All the integrations you need

We offer all the channel manager integrations you need to efficiently run your vacation park. All our solutions are API- and Cloud-based. We use artificial intelligence to always provide you with the most up-to-date and advanced solutions.

In addition, you can connect the channel manager to property management systems, payment providers and include centralized messaging. Read more about each of these additional integrations.

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