About NextPax.com

Quality facilitating quantity
We designed our Property Management System to be as intuitive and open as possible. The system is accessible to literally everyone with a computer offering, seeking or managing holiday rentals. More properties and more connections means more opportunities for all.

What is NextPax? / Who is NextPax?
NextPax serves the vacation rental market with a unified platform connecting owners, managers and agents to offer, book and update properties through all available channels. Updates and bookings are registered instantly and synced throughout the network.

At NextPax we strongly believe in aligning all parties involved. We accomplish this in the following way. We have an open dialogue with both the property manager and the OTA, we encourage property managers to engage with the OTA directly and we assist and offer advice on technical matters and on content in order to maximize conversion. For this reason we work on a per booking basis and offer property managers to negotiate their own commercials with the OTA’s or alternatively use our negotiated terms. We will NOT charge your customer, we are however fully PCI compliant and will pass card details on to your payment provider of choice or to yourself. In other words you will always be the merchant of records, you have the contract with the guest and you alone will cash the booking amount. We are your partner to synchronize rates, availability, content and bookings.

What is the added value?
NextPax reclaims the ability for property owners and managers to choose and use the agents and channels they want. Breaking the hold of the few large online agents that currently dominate the market, NextPax expands opportunities for all parties involved.

The company was founded in 2006 by Erik Engel when he himself was dealing with the complexity and associated cost of connecting his online booking website to property managers. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

NextPax is proud to be a member of VRMA, the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association, and ANVR. For more information about VRMA please visit VRMA.com. For more information about ANVR please visit ANVR.nl

Our team – Europe

Erik Engel
Erik EngelCEO
Robert van der Mast
Robert van der MastCTO
Frank Putman
Frank PutmanCFO
Folkert Postma
Folkert PostmaVP Global Partnerships
Madeleine Boshuizen
Madeleine BoshuizenClient Success Manager
Esther Faulhaber
Esther FaulhaberAccount Manager
Evelien van Riel
Evelien van RielMarketing Communications Specialist
Jaimy Borgman
Jaimy BorgmanLead Developer
Xia Zhang
Xia ZhangDeveloper
Ralph van Zetten
Ralph van ZettenDeveloper
Alessandro Gallo
Alessandro GalloDeveloper
Max Filtenborg
Max FiltenborgDeveloper
Mihaela Ilieva
Mihaela IlievaProject Manager
Iliyan Bogdanov
Iliyan BogdanovQA Specialist
Nikola Katsarov
Nikola KatsarovDeveloper
Teodor Stamenov
Teodor StamenovDeveloper
Ivo Kuzov
Ivo KuzovDeveloper
Ivelin Gushkov
Ivelin GushkovDeveloper
Joest Straat
Joest Straat Legal Advisor
 Boudewijn T. Molenaar
Boudewijn T. Molenaar Board Member

Our team – US

Jim Barsch
Jim BarschEVP Business Development
Kate Kirchner
Kate KirchnerAccount Manager
Lee Kramer
Lee KramerAccount Manager
Megan Foreback
Megan ForebackImplementation Specialist
Ashley George
Ashley GeorgeOnboarding Specialist